Every fate. 3 A huge argument against

Every decision that we make in life, we can ask ourselves did I make that one with my
own free will or was it predetermined by fate. Who is controlling the steering wheel in the car of
life, is it me or already programmed to a specific place. 2 This debate has gone on for centuries and
can never be proved in either directions. However both sides can be argued for and I am taking
the side that our actions are never free and everything is caused from something else in an
infinite loop which we can call fate. 3 A huge argument against free will is the idea of universal
determinism which I agree with and strongly opposes the argument that we make our own
decisions regardless of anything else. Through the idea of Universal Determinism, Freedom of
action v. Freedom of will, and Compatibilism v. Imcompatibilism, I will show my stance on how
true free will is a myth and that our actions always stem from something else in life.
Although most people like to believe that they are free in the sense that no one makes
their decisions for them, the Universal Determinism thesis poses a huge threat to that thought. It


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