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Every country has their rules and regulations of posting advertising. Marketing is driven to build up consumers’ confidence, and it is the job as a marketer to make an effort to avoid of misleading and defraud of some ads. This is because there is often a fine line between what you can do and what you can’t or shouldn’t do in product advertisements. Therefore, it is important that marketing needs to be regulated to prevent marketers to create a controversial issue towards the customers. Advertising in Malaysia is very similar in every other country.

There are few guidelines that needs to be followed so that no complications will arise once a campaign is launched. Since Malaysia is a country that practices Islam as their official religion and is a multi-racial country, therefore each steps of the guidelines are important to follow so that the advertisement that appear on mass media are not offensive and sensitive.Advertisers in Malaysia must act in accordance by the Code of Advertising Practice in Malaysia. The code basically governs and define what makes a good advertising. For instance, the content must be decent, honest and truthful and for most to project Malaysian culture and identity to reflect the uniqueness and harmonious of the country. There are also few basic guidelines that for advertising. In Malaysia, the rule for advertisement is that companies are not allowed to belittle other competitors.

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It must be a fair competition among competitors and the fairness must be observed. Besides that, advertisements content cannot contain sexual elements or any misleading messages that can upraise sensitive issue. Regarding to the advertisement from SlimmeWhite, it causes a controversial issue related to the content of the video. The launching of promotion of the product receive backlash from netizen because the video advertisement messages are very misleading where it implies that by using the skin whitener product can prevent domestic abuse. The video shows that the wife is being abused and was divorced because of her physical appearance.

She then uses the beauty product and have transformation which makes her ex-husband wants to reconcile. Another sensitive issue that was being touch and implies in the video is that having a dark skin is not beautiful comparing to fair skin. It also creates unnecessary criticism such as husbands are only motivated by the physical beauty of women. This are also caused an uproar by netizens who watched the video advertisement.

SlimmeWhite products are affected negatively because of the video. This is because they failed to point out and make it clear of the messages that they are trying to deliver to their potential customers. In conclusion, market advertising is hard and it requires careful process of implementing it. While desperately trying to gain customer recognition and attention by posting advertisements everywhere without filtering any sensitive or negative elements can cause the ads turning into a senseless and also to have negative impacts to the brand name.

To prevent unethical advertisements, the products owners or service providers has to be truthful on what they claim to be true and while presenting the products on media through advertisements they have to monitor and be sensitive towards the content of the ads. In addition, Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-religious country therefore marketers need to acknowledge about all the cultural context before implementing any advertisement inside the country.


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