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Ever since Donald Trump, the famous business mogul and television personality, started his campaign to become president of the United States, the media has been under fire with allegations of promoting fake news.

 Donald Trump claims that famous news networks, such as CNN, have a habit of reporting inaccurate information to the public, especially when the views presented are anti-liberal. President Trump has also continued to slam the media, time and time again when he dislikes the remarks made toward him or his administration. In recent news, Trump has made a series of tweets and public statements to diminish the new book, ‘Fire and Fury-Inside the Trump White House,’ written by Michael Wolff. The book’s intention is to expose the cons of the “deranged liar of a president and his poor mental fitness,” according to Wolff.  Even though Trump has little to no power over the media, due to the American right of free speech, he does have the power of the White House at his disposal to try and silence his nemesis.

  President Donald J. Trump and Adolf Hitler share one very distinct feature in common; their disgust for the media due to the reports and articles attacking their reputation. Before Hitler became fuhrer of Germany, articles in the daily newspaper would regularly appear, attacking his morals and nationalistic views. Hitler tried everything in his power to take down and discredit the nation’s newspapers who opposed his political standpoint.

When Hitler took power in 1933, as a fascist dictator, he gained control of the press core, the publishing of newspapers, and all propaganda within the nation. On the other hand, Donald Trump has barely any control of the media since the United States is a free country, leaving him only his voice for retaliation, using social media. Of the many differences between President Trump and Adolf Hitler, their feelings of animosity directed toward the media binds them as narcissistic leaders. 


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