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Ever since I learned that nuclear fission has the potential to generate cheap and clean energy I have always been fascinated by nuclear power technology. I have also realized that even though nuclear technology is relatively old, it still offers opportunities for many new discoveries. However, due to the widening technological gap and lack of resources, the teaching and research approach used in my country (Ghana) does not challenge many students to explore, be innovative and discover things for themselves. The above revelations together with Ghana’s ambition to embark on nuclear power programme to solve its myriad of energy problems coupled with the dearth of qualified personnel in the field of nuclear technology in my country has spurred me to pursue my graduate studies in nuclear power technology. I am particularly interested in nuclear technology assessment, nuclear fuel cycle and radioactive waste management because my current employer is spearheading the country’s nuclear power programme and I am part of the team working in these areas.

Other areas of interest are in nuclear reactor systems and personnel safety as well as Small modular reactor (SMR) technologies and its coupling with renewables, industries (non electric uses) and disalination. Graduate studies would offer me a deeper understanding of nuclear power technology by equipping me with the requisite hands-on experience to enable me address the above desires.  I obtained a bachelor of science degree in Physics in June 2006 from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and an MPhil. Nuclear Engineering in December 2010 from University of Ghana. Since July 2010 I have been working full time with Ghana Atomic Energy Commission as an assistant research scientist. I was attached to the National Nuclear Research Institute where I worked with Neutron Activation Analysis, Ageing Management and Reactor Utilization and Neutronics and Reactor Physics groups.

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I joined the Nuclear Power Institute research/program development organization serving as a technical body spearheading Ghana’s nuclear power program in 2015. So far, I have six publications in peer-reviewed journals and working on getting another two published, three conference papers and also attended a couple of training and workshops.I have the intention of pursuing graduate studies to the PhD level after which I intend returning to my current employment to train others as I contribute my quota towards the nuclear power program. I see my research interest in nuclear fuel cycle, radioactive waste management and nuclear reactor safety to be relevant to the development of Ghana because radioactive waste management and nuclear plant safety is at the forefront of the focal points in nuclear power industries. It is my desire to push the limits of tools and methods for nuclear reactor safety, SMR technology research, nuclear fuel cycle and radioactive waste management.

Being of the belief that knowledge is like a seed which yields more when planted in others; I shall apply the knowledge and expertise acquired to teach in a university thereby ensuring the country has the best engineers for the future. University of Ontario Institute of Technology was highly recommended by a friend, and having visited the school’s website and from reading around, I was left with no doubt as to the choice of university for graduate studies. The research areas of Nuclear Reactor Systems, Nuclear Power systems and Radioactive waste management  are of much interest to me. Though having limited knowledge of thermal hydraulics, it is an area I yearn to explore. University of Ontario Institute of Technology presents an opportunity for research in all my areas of interest and the facilities for all the hands-on training I need looking at research centres/ laboratories you have. Reading about the faculty members at the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science, the works of three namely Dr Markus Piro, Dr Eleodor Nichita and Dr Glenn Harvel interest me and would be glad to be offered the opportunity to work with any of them.

The prospect of SMR technology for a country with a small grid capacity like mine in helping solve its electricity challenge encourages me to learn more about the technology and contribute towards making it readily available and accessible. Two of the named faculty have interest in SMR technology and being under their tutelage would help me achieve my dreams. As a would-be academician, research experience in a multicultural environment like that of Canada, will give me a global exposure and tremendously improve the quality of my education.  Thank you for the opportunity.



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