Ever for the good of serving my country

Ever since my childhood, computers have been acrucial aspect of my life. I have relished every opportunity that I have had toeither study computing at school, or to learn more about IT through a hands-onapproach of experimenting with computers myself.Some of the projects that I have worked under you include Modifiedhandmade solar cooker ,Self-balancing Duck-Bot, Room-CleaningRobot ,Fire Fighting Robot , Bluetooth Controlled Robot, Robot-Soccer.My Achievements include – Gold Award in National Level category (Best HumanitarianRobot) for RUDRA RHEX – All terrain Robot” in “RAHA INTERNATIONALROBOTIC CONFERENCE “,Paper Presentation (3RD PRIZE), Poster Presentation (3RDPRIZE) for ‘RUDRA REX – Rough Terrain Robot”  at “ROBOTSAVAM” International Techfestin theyear 2016.

Also published a paper titled “SMARTPHONE CONTROLLED HEXAPOD FOR SEARCHRESCUE AND PAYLOAD DELIVERY” at International Conference on CognitiveInformatics & Soft Computing (CISC-2017) held at Vignana Bharati Instituteof Technology, Hyderabad and its publication done in IJET- International Journal of Engineering & Technology which is a Scopus Indexjournal. It was accepted for both oral presentation and publication inCISC-2017.My goal is nothing less than to gain a thorough knowledge ofall the critical aspects of information technology, such as programminglanguages, software engineering, networks, information systems and hardwaredevelopment. Having immersed myself in the world of computers for quite sometime now, I am fully aware of the complexities of all these areas, and as aconsequence I believe that it is essential for anyone who aspires to work in ITto have undertaken the sort of rigorous studies that only an advanced degreecan offer. I have also done Research and Survey on ‘Skill development for RuralIndia’ as part of Live-In-Labs project at Himachal Pradesh, North India.

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I hope that I will be able to put the knowledge that I gainand my career aspirations to use for the good of serving my country in thefuture.


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