Ever manage their financial obligations and understand what

Ever since I was young, I have been keen to understand and study the way businesses operate. It’s fascinating to know how organisations are managed, how they make maximum profits whilst selling themselves to the customer and asking myself why cars are so differently valued at different price points. A few years ago, after visiting my father’s takeaway my passion for Business Studies and Management increased.

I was astonished by the amount of work and effort that was put into the Business by the manager and how much effect it had on the business, questioning how it was possible to manage so many people and run a business which had a main goal of keeping a good relationship with their customers while making maximum sales.I then built more drive for business and strengthened these earlier interests even more after I studied Level 3 Business studies. I am particularly interested in the management and financial side of running a business, and have been keen to explore how organisations manage their financial obligations and understand what drives them forward. Currently the majority of the world which we live in is hugely impacted and dominated by businesses, this motivates me even more to learn the most captivating and powerful course during my time in university. These dynamic Businesses not only replicate but produce the values of modern societies, determining our beliefs and lifestyle choices. The business course I am currently undertaking has taught me that when considering the above, one of the key areas within an organisation is managing their finances.During the summer holidays I undertook some voluntary work in a takeaway, my role was to be an active cashier and also do some of the management roles in the business. This included managing the orders, helping the workers with different tasks, managing the financial side of the business at the end of each day and making sure everything was on time in order to keep our customers satisfied.

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As an active cashier I had to move around the store which gave me an extensive amount of knowledge on how the business operates and how the staff members worked together as a team, as well as assisting me in to having a good idea of how the management side of the business can be and how challenging it can become. Being inside the business, proved very interesting especially learning about how the business thinks and performs whilst going through the different challenges it faced.Pool is a sport I really enjoy. I don’t only see pool as a hobby however I see it as an exercise for the human brain as it helps to grow different mental abilities such as awareness, thinking in advance, problem resolving, strategic planning and creativity. Football is another major passion.

I have played since the age of seven for a professional football team in which I managed to be the captain for my team as well as being the top scorer with over thirty goals and assists. This helped enhance my management and teamwork abilities as I learnt how to systematise the team, motivate my teammates, building better communication and chemistry as well as having better confidence within the team. Not only in sports but in a business environment, these skills can have a huge influence on businesses, their goals and targets.

Throughout my time in school and college, I have managed to get various amounts of achievements from my football team, social national services and other certificates for my attendance and punctuality. The rewards helped me to stay motivated which gave me an idea of how businesses always keep their employees motivated at all times in order to operate at their finest and give out the best performance.In the Future, I would like to continue my drive and passion for business Studies and study a business finance or management degree at university.


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