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Ever since I was little I had dreams and aspirations of having a successful job in the study of science. I have always had a niche for learning about the human body and the medical field. After viewing my NCC results I saw that Health Sciences always fell near the top 5 or 6, so I knew that my results would also back up my claim of knowing what I wanted to be. I have been trying to narrow down my options, and I think a sports medicine physician is an occupation I can see myself going into. A sports medicine physician is a doctor who treats anyone who is physically active to help them improve their performance, strengthen their overall performance, prevent injury and support patients and push them to stay physically active throughout their entire life. Most requirements for a sports medicine physician is to go through 4 years of an undergraduate degree that specializes in athletic training, exercise science, and human science. After getting their bachelor’s degree, you then move on to med school, and following graduation at med school, you will begin 3 years of a residency program, and after that you can apply for a sports medicine fellowship program, which on average lasts around one year. The entire length of your education can be from the span of 10-15 years. Despite the strenuous amounts of education, the median job salary for a physician in the US is $185,007(2017), and had a job increase of 14% for all physicians and surgeons for the years of 2014-2024. Occupations that would be similar to a sports medicine physician would be a family doctor, physicians assistant, registered nurse, and chiropractors. A sports medicine physician will usually work with an athletic team, a university team, a gym, a private practice, hospital, or upper-echelon gym. The working conditions are often working with other people, and consulting with athletic trainers, coaches, athletic directors in order to give them instruction on how to prevent injury and exceed maximum human performance. Although a physician can make a large salary, they usually work longer, irregular hour schedules. While on call, a physician will have to deal with many patients concerns over the phone, and will be required to make emergency visits to hospitals and other clinics or private practices. Job opportunities are available all over the country for physicians. Medicine is a constantly growing field and will continue to grow, as well as the need for doctors and physicians. Rural areas where there is a lack of medical facilities and hospitals allows many opportunities for private practices and clinics to prosper and bloom into a much bigger company. This allows many physicians to find jobs in rural areas where it is less challenging due to less competitors. I have looked at schools that offer an extensive program in health sciences, and UNL looks like a place I would go for my undergraduate degree. The annual cost for one year at UNL is around $22,022. For my choice in med school I am thinking about going to UNMC because it is closer to home and provides a good program for kids coming from rural areas and smaller towns such as Beatrice. The dream med school that I would like to go and aim for is Harvard Medical, however it is an ivy league med school and only accepts 1.2% of its applications, along with very competitive averages to get into the school(average of 3.82 GPA in college).


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