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Events AnalysisTo begin with, the first event mainly involves a privatize birthday party that is to be held in a private land of a club. The fact that there are no stewards that will be involved in asserting control on the entry does not imply that it can be categorized as charitable given that it does not incorporate the raising of funds for the wellness of the public. Given that there have been in the past some sensitive problems generated from the held events it is rather an event that there is a need for policing services. This will be minimal on the ground that the services are to be offered within the venue13. However, given that the land and the property are mainly owned as well as regulated privately this implies that charges to cater for the operating services must be levied although they are not fully economic. This is grounded in the fact that there are no funds be generated but the event is held for some personal gains14. In addition, the risks involved and the hours of servicing generates the need for levy since even though the officers are obligated to creating order they do not have the duty to do so within the private settings. With respect to the second event scenario, regarding Hereford Town FC v Blackwater FC match the event is to occur within a public facility for not commercial but community-based benefits. In that, the event is grounded in providing more benefits to the locals15. However, the organizers have requested for more police resources based on the threat of hooliganism and despite the fact that there are usually two officers that services the field it is felt that they might not be adequate. Based on this services the organizer will be required to pay for the servicing fee that will cater for the operating expenses such as car fuel and the fact that the offers are expected to monitor the roads as well as control traffic within the setting. On the other hand, with reference to the third event, the two-day charity event will not be exposed to any charges. This is because the event will mainly play part in the raising of funds that are needed to solve the issue of poverty, particularly for children. The effect is thus carried out for the wellness of the public despite the fact that it involves the raising of funds. In this regard, the special services will mainly be required to control the large set of crowds as well as to guarantee safety for all those that will be in attendance. ConclusionIn summing up, it is evident that Special Police Services (SPS) are highly required for a number of cases, particularly during events. Based on the fact that the role of police officers to maintain law and order in the community it is rather obvious that the services cannot be extended to private services. The first event is to be charged on the ground that it is carried out in a private setting, the second one is to be charged based on the level of services needed and the involved servicing expenses while the third being a charitable event will not be subjected to any kind of charges because it is to be accrued out for the wellness of the society. In that, it mainly seeks to create funds that will, in turn, be utilized in raising the living standard of children in general from the poverty level. In this context, it is evident that based on the constitutional provisions the public is entitled to policing services but as the needs differ the availability of such services differs as well requiring the application of more resources and efforts in general. From the three examples, the application and provision of SPS charges along the three categories of events ranging from profit-based, non-profit and statutory are evident. 


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