Practical DIAMOND EVENTS 1 Shiney Place, Sparkling

Practical Activity: Event Management Planning •Event Management Company •Vision and Mission Statement •SMART objectives •Agency Brief CONTENTS An introduction to Diamond Events Pg 2-3 Vision and Mission Statements for LushPg 4 at The Mind Body Spirit Festival Objectives for the representation of LushPg 5 at The Mind Body Spirit Festival Full Agency BriefPg 6 DIAMOND EVENTS 1 Shiney Place, Sparkling Gardens, London, EC1 2HQ Tel: 01234 77889 Fax: 01234 11224 [email protected] co. uk www. diamondevents. co. uk ‘we make your event shine’Diamond Events offer a complete event management and production service for any size of event.

Our aim is to make you and your company stand out from the crowd, be unique and most of all, successful. We are proud to deliver cost-effective events to our clients who we work with time after time. Established in 1995, we have grown to become an award winning and highly successful event management company working with clients throughout Europe. Our services have been used by large companies such as Vauxhall, Adidas, Cadburys and Monsoon along with smaller clients including local newspapers and private birthday parties.Our range of services covers your whole event from venue booking, entertainment, catering, lighting, to table decorations and linen. Whatever you want at your event, we can arrange it for you.

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Meet the team Diamond Events prides itself on the diverse skills and experience our team have. All of our staff have many years behind them in the entertainment and events. Evie, our events co-ordinator has previously worked for Sony in their in-house event management department along with Pete who is our Project Manager. Together Evie and Pete have worked on countless events and have never failed to deliver.We also have Freya our Financial Director, Chris our Creative Director, Mike who takes care of Marketing and Pippa who looks our Public Relations.

Vision Statement Here at Diamond Events, our vision is to ensure event success, client satisfaction and loyalty. Mission Statement When it comes to choosing the right event management company to look after your event, you only have one chance to get it right. Let the expertise and knowledge at Diamond Events fully coordinate your event. Only the best will do for your event and our goal is not to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

Our Diamond Events mission is to serve our clients in all aspects of the event hospitality and meeting planning industry. We will achieve your objectives. Lush at The Mind Body Spirit Festival Vision statement To establish Lush as the leading brand name in the natural health and beauty sector and to engage with visitors at the festival, believing that as long as customers touch, smell and interact with their products then sales success is guaranteed. Mission statement Lush wish the event to entice people into their environment, encourage xperimentation and fun with products and educate visitors to understand product ingredients, benefits to skin and health and the values of Lush. Objectives for the representation of Lush at The Mind Body Spirit Festival •To showcase Lush, promote it’s products and knowledge of natural, healthy and non-animal tested cosmetics to a new and wide ranging audience, some of whom might not have experienced Lush previously. •To strengthen the customer base and raise awareness of the Lush brand.

•To promote areas of relaxation, beauty and health and nutrition. •To attract 55% of the festival participants to view Lush products. To increase the sales of Lush products by 15% during the festival and carry that through by driving people into stores after the exhibition. •To encourage people to feel, touch, smell and interact with products. •To increase the customer database (through surveys / questionnaires). •To educate people on Lush products and to focus on natural health and relaxation. •To emphasise the importance that natural and organic products can help with stress, poor skin and other health issues. •To encourage visitors to think about their current products.

•To increase knowledge about Lush products To focus on products being handmade and expansion means more people in jobs and not machines. •To promote the website, including increasing registered numbers on the online discussion forum along with having more customers receiving emailed special offers. Full Agency Brief Sheet Name of the Event: Lush Exhibition at The Mind Body Spirit Festival Start Date:20th June 2012 09:30 End Date: 25th June 2012 17:30 Venue: The Royal Horticultural Halls, London, UK Estimated Budget:? 200,000 No of Expected Guests: 9,000 (1,500 per day) Expected Guests and any VIPs: General public, other exhibitors.Mark Constantine, founder of Lush will visit on 21st June along with other invited board members of Lush. Details of the Event: The festival focuses on natural healing and personal growth, the popularity of the festival has increased over recent years.

Media: Various journalists will be at the festival throughout. Media packs will be available for them. AV: standard lighting around the exhibition stand, nothing too fancy or ‘over the top’ Name of Event Leader: Pete Williams, Project Manager, Diamond Events Telephone: 01234 77889 Email: [email protected]

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