Event: FORMUN’18. Where delegates from Kinnaird College, Sadiq

Event:An event on the first dayof FORMUN’18.

Where delegates from KinnairdCollege, Sadiq Public School and FC College choose to host their stalls andexhibit culture of different countries. NewsValues:·        Proximity: Thisnews has proximity because this event is taking place in FCC which is moreimportant for the students of FC college and they are more interested in anevent taking place in their own college as compared to some news from anothercollege for example LUMS.·        Timeliness: Thisnews story has timeliness because this event took place recently, on January24, 2018 and was recorded on January 25, 2018.·        Impact: This eventis one of the major events of FCCU that has been inspiring and encouragingdebates since 2012. ·        Wonderfulness: Thisnews holds the value of wonderfulness because this is not a usual event and ittakes place after working hard for the whole year to make it happen. This makesthe events of FORMUN more interesting and fascinating each year and delegatesfrom other institutions are participate in FORMUN.

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·        Competition: Thenews value of competition holds here because FORMUN being an event gets intothe category of competition with the other events that take place in FC Collegesuch as Concert of Forman Music Society etc. to see which event is better. ·        Prominence:Important Figures and Renowned personalities like Mr. Ahmar Bilal Soofi, wellknown Massarat Misbah, Celebrity Jana Malik, And Lt. Col. Mr Amjad Karim Randhawa(retd) who is a proud father of a brilliant and insightful daughter Arfa Karim.These well-known personalities come as a panelists in FORMUN.                     SourcesPossible Sources·        Rector of FCC·        Director StudentActivities Office·        President ofFORMUN·        Management of FORMUN·        Participants ofFORMUN Global Village·        Performers inGlobal Village·        Viewer/Attendantsof Global Village event·        Volunteers inFORMUN Global VillageAvailableSource·        Manager StudentActivities (Qandeel Rabbani)·        Team Management ofFORMUN (Ali Shahbaz)·        Assistant DirectorLogistics (Zafar Ahmad)·        Team SocialsØ  KomalJaved (Creatives)Ø  AlishbaQazi (Performer and Creatives)Ø  Fatima(Performer)·        Delegates(Mahrukh, Ali Raza and Waleed)      Fact SheetWhat: Global Village FORMUN’18Who: Participants, FORMUN team, delegates and observersWhen: January 24, 2018Where: S-Octa in Forman Christian CollegeWhy: It was an entertainment session for delegates after a hecticdebating sessionHow: 4 day event is held every year now since 2012.

Global village is acultural hub where the participants represent different cultures by settingmost appealing stalls.             News StorySehrish Daood and Hafeeza ZainabFC College G lobalvillage is an event where the delegates choose to host the mostappealing stalls of different countries presenting their culture that was heldon FORMUN day 1.It took place in S-Octa of Forman Christian College on January 24, 2018.

FORMUN society hadarranged an entertainment session for delegates after their restless andfrenetic debating session. The performers of social team did wonders that nightwith their incredible and stunning performances that captivated the attentionof audiences, leaving them enthralled. After the breath-taking performances ofthe dance groups and a small entertaining session that amused the audience, thedelegates were ready to host their stalls.

Each stall represented the cultureof different countries which made the event more magnificent and delightful. Thesestalls were set by Forman Christian College, Kinnaird College and Sadiq PublicSchool. FORMUN was organized after the consistenthard work and cooperation of its management team, the Director of StudentActivities and the university officials.

According to the Manager of StudentActivities, Qandeel Rabbani, the Student Activities office helps the FORMUNsociety with logistics, accommodating the delegates, in creatives and managingthe overall event. They coordinate with the FORMUN management, facilitate andsupervise them. It is one of the biggest events of FC and it manages all thebudget of FORMUN and makes the necessary arrangements to make the event happensuccessfully. Ali Shahbaz from Team Management of FORMUNsaid that the event went well. They practiced a lot for making the eventexciting and amusing for the people. They faced a little issue because of theirparticipants still they managed to entertain the crowd till their performance.The group performed well and the event as a whole was successful. The privatedelegates, Waleed, Marukh and Ali Raza said that it was a good event, thecompetition was tough and the debating session was good.

According to Assistant Director Logistics,Zaafar, their job is to make sure the event runs smooth, the environment isclean and all the necessities are provided. The Team Socials, Creatives andPerformers did the decoration and made props for the performers and managed thecrowd. They had a lot of meetings to make sure everything goes well andfantastic. The performer of Nemesis, Fatima, also said that their performancewas good and far better than they practiced. However, the hard work of the UniversityManagement, the FORMUN society, the performers and the volunteers paid off inmaking the event auspicious.

Every person who attended this event said that theevent was wonderful and marvelous. Therefore due to the determination ofmanagement team Global Village of FORMUN’18 turned out to be a huge successwhich not only fascinated the students of Forman Christian College but also thedelegates from other institutions.             


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