Introduction insurance reflects excessive use of power


President Obama was elected the president of United States of America in 2008. He was a predecessor of the former president George W. Bush. In his campaigns, Barack Obama made a lot of promises on the developments he will bring in the health care, education, and economic sectors. His presidency coincided with a recession which led to various difficulties in the economy. Obama has made some efforts in improving on these fields (health care, education and economic) though not exhaustively.


In this discussion, I am going to analyze the presidency of Barrack Obama in terms of health care, education, and economic development.

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In every nation, these elements are of great importance to every person. For instance, health care is necessary for productive and healthy citizens. Without good health, people will be less productive and a lot of money is wasted in treatment. On the other hand, education is a key factor to development. Education has a significant role in determining the future of America.

For instance, we need education in order to keep up updated with the current technological developments.

Health care

In terms of health care, Obama made very many promises on how his government will help in improving the health care services in the country. However, many people are still complaining that there is still need to make improvements in health care.

Early last year, Obama released the planned changes in the health care. The proposed laws were similar to those passed by the Congressional Democrats in various elements (Pickert par 4). However, several changes were made in different parts of the bill. Obama plan was to realize a Senate bill with some changes in order to make adjustments in some areas. In order for Obama’s plans to be effective, they had to pass the Senate bill and the two chambers had to pass reconciliation bill (Pickert par 3). The most effective method through which the proposed plans could have been passed is through reconciliation. The major goal for Obama’s plan is to assist more than 31 million Americans to obtain insurance coverage (Pickert par 6). However, the Republicans were against Obama’s plans and promised to obstruct the bill in the Senate.

In the proposed health care plan, Obama also wanted to increase the funding provided to states. The plan was also aimed at reducing the health costs to the Americans in the middle-income class. On health care, Obama have signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Harris, par 3). However, his attempt to change the health bill failed after the U.S. judge ruled against the law saying that it displayed excessive power as they forced people to buy health insurance. Vinson opposed the law arguing that requiring Americans over eighteen years to obtain insurance reflects excessive use of power as it forced people to have insurance coverage (Harris par 2).

According to my views, Obama should have considered revising this regulation in order to minimize opposition from the people. It is important to retain important protection which this law provides to the people. This can only be realized by making necessary adjustments on the bill. However, Obama’s administration has vowed to implement this policy. The administration is firm on its stand and has proposed to appeal on the judge’s ruling against the proposed law. This discussion has shown that most of the plans in the health care proposed by Obama have not been successful. The major problem which has faced the proposed laws is opposition.

In my view, I think the president did not consider the needs of others while formulating the plans. This is the reason why the bills are rejected by the majority. There should be close consultations among the people. Despite of these contradictions in health care laws, Obama has managed to pass a universal health care (Rob par 3). This has extended health care services to more than 32 million Americans. It is also necessary make adjustments on the law to make it accommodative.

For instance, this law forces the employers and individuals without insurance to pay higher tax. This raises a concern since it oppresses a certain group.


During his presidency, Obama has proposed various developments in education. Obama has significantly improved education in America through American Recovery Reinvestment Act program (Anonymous par 1). This act provides high investment in education as one way of reducing problems in America. For instance, it provides $77 billion for development and improvement of learning in both elementary and secondary school (Anonymous par 1). It also included $48.6 billion for state’s education budget.

These funds aimed at improving education through hiring of qualified and experienced teachers in order to improve the performance in schools. This was also aimed at increasing the affordability of higher education to every citizen. The president has also recognized the need to make adjustments in the education sector in order to produce graduates who fits in the global workplace.

According to me, this is a wise move bearing in the mind the process of globalization. Obama has encouraged the development of curriculum which will trigger critical thinking in children which is a key to innovation. In his presidency, Obama has recognized the importance of the teachers in determining education. He has invested in motivation of teaching through a program which recognizes the out standing teachers. He is also committed to maintain high competence among the teachers. America has significantly lost in terms of education. The country has been leading in terms of the students graduating from colleges in the world. In his presidency, Obama has vowed to restore this leadership by 2020 (Anonymous par 4).

I think Obama has made the best decision by increasing investment in education. Education has a significant role in determining the future of any Nation. Poor quality education poses a great threat to the performance of other sectors. For instance, low education leads to unemployment. It also leads to low innovations hence low productivity. Provision of good quality education to American child is critical for the well being of America’s economy in the future (Anonymous par 2). In the future world, education will be an important determinant of the nation’s competitiveness. Through education, it will be possible to come up with an innovation which is a key factor which enables a nation to survive in a competitive world.

Therefore, this will significantly contribute in maintaining economic stability in the future. Therefore, I believe Obama’s decision to invest on education will be helpful to the future generations. However, Obama’s policies on education have faced opposition from a fraction of the population. Some feels that the standards set were unfair (Tasci par 4). For instance, it was argued that the standards set made losers and winners out of the states, students and schools. This threatened the success of these policies.


In economic perspective, Obama has done a recommendable job.

The country has managed to reduce the pain of the current recession in the economy. America has recovered from recession in a higher speed in Obama’s presidency. The economy managed to recover from recession around August (2010) when the economy started growing (Contrarian par 3). The president is very determined in promoting economic recovery from the previous disruptions through recessions and other economic difficulties. Obama is determined in As already noted, president Obama contributed significantly in economic improvement by signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This has significantly contributed to the economic stability in the U.S. Currently, America is facing high competitions from other developing countries like China which are growing very first.

I think Obama has made right decisions by proposing programs for boosting economic growth. Obama has put a great emphasis in eradicating unemployment in the country. His main target in solving economic crisis is to create jobs in the economy (Anonymous par 2). By signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, Obama contributed significantly job creation. This plan encouraged investment in the American economy. When investment rates are high, the levels of employment also remain high. According to Rob, Obama also played a significant role in preventing the second great depression (par 6). Obama worked closely with economists in order in an effort to save the country from depression which was approaching.

He has also helped in protecting domestic manufacturers by providing necessary support. Obama has also boosted small businesses in America. The president has ensured a regular flow of financial assistance to small business owners.

The small business sector plays a very important role in the nation by creating employment. During Obama’s presidency, small business owners are provided with affordable credit facilities for expansion of their businesses hence creating employment. As a consequence, most parents are able to provide quality education for their children.

Obama has also emphasized on accountability in Washington and on the Wall Street to encourage banks to provide credit facilities in an effort of developing sustainable growth in the economy (Anonymous par 4). Obama has also developed a long term strategy that discourages fraudulent practices in the economy. This has significantly contributed to economic well being during Obama’s presidency.


In conclusion, this discussion has clearly shown that Obama has faced various challenges in his presidency. This is through fulfillment of his promises as a candidate and fulfilling people’s demands a president. In the health care, president Obama has not yet managed to deliver his promises effectively. The proposed law has faced opposition, a factor which has slowed developments in the health care.

However, he has managed to pass a universal health care. The president has also done a recommendable job in economic sector. He has managed to promote necessary measures aimed at generating employment in the economy. In terms of education, Obama has also done a considerable job. He has emphasized on making changes in the learning system in order to encourage innovations. Despite of these achievements in education and economic sectors over Obama’s presidency, there is still a room for improvement. More can be done to improve the lives of the Americans as well as for the future generation.

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