European for job creation, economic growth, social

European identity is most often seen from a historical, political and cultural perspective.

It is very complex and very promising at the same time. I personally find the idea of multiculturalism and common identity based on respect and recognition positive. I think further successful integration , which would be based not only on institutional level but on its people , will drive people in Europe to a common sense of belonging.  Europe is a stronger place when its citizens work together both within their states and between them.

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The two levels of identity – the national and the European – can give Europe’s citizens the best of both worlds: patriotic belonging alongside European cooperation and communality. One more thing I would like to add here is : Strengthening of European identity is possible through education. “Education and culture are the key to the future – both for the individual as well as for our Union as a whole. It is how we turn circumstance into opportunity, how we turn mirrors into windows and how we give roots to what it means to be ‘European’, in all its diversity. When Europe’s Leaders meet in Gothenburg this week, we must seize the opportunity and make sure education and culture are the drivers for job creation, economic growth, social fairness and ultimately unity”. (President Juncker, 14 November 2017).

Opportunism  plays a significant role in most of the countries. People perceiving gains due to the EU membership of their country are more likely to identify with Europe than opponents of the EU. Nevertheless, comparing emotions and opportunistic attitudes in their predictive power, affection takes the lead. Identification with Europe is thus very likely in case one is proud to be European and feels attached to the continent.

I rather support the idea that levels of European identity are generally high. Especially the Italians, Spanish, French, Germans and Luxembourg identify strongly with Europe.


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