Ethics that you mean business. Putting an

 Ethicsis a guiding philosophy, so workplace ethics is a guiding philosophy in theworkplace.  There are principles ofconduct that employees need to consider while at work.  Here’s a list of dos and don’ts that one hasto keep in mind to keep a good status and image at work.   Dos·        Bepunctual – Being on time at work and in meetings is a sign of professionalismas well as respect to other people’s time.

 There are schedules that need to be followed and policies that need tobe implemented when it comes to time management.  Discipline is the key to being punctual atall times.  ·        Dressprofessionally – Putting on neat clothes and dressing for success shows thatyou mean business.  Putting an extraeffort to look good and clean is a sure way to make people take youseriously.

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  Follow the organization’sdress code at all times and you’ll never go wrong.    ·        Behelpful – Lending a helping hand to a co-worker in need is a great way to helpnot just a co-worker but also the whole company.  Helping someone shows that you are not aselfish person rather a thoughtful person that one can depend on.  Being helpful doesn’t only benefit theco-worker you helped, but also the company by helping everyone to beproductive.  It also benefits you aspeople get to know you as a team player. ·        Berespectful – Respecting others doesn’t mean that you only respect your bosses,but also respecting your colleagues and even your subordinates.

  Respecting other people is not confinedwithin the higher ranks but should be practiced for all levels of people in theorganization.  A respectful person alsocommands respect from others.·        Staypositive – Staying positive amidst challenges and pressures at work is a goodway to keep yourself on track.  Beingpositive keeps you focused on your goal. You are not being sidetracked by some setbacks that you encounter.

   Don’ts·        Don’tengage in office politics – Stay away from people that cause division andfriction.  Do your best in whatever youdo and expect that you’ll get the promotion and recognition you deserve withoutcourting favor from the bosses.  ·        Don’tentertain gossips – Reject any form of gossips in the office.  Engaging in gossips will affect yourproductivity as time is wasted while you gossip.  It also contradicts to being respectful andstaying positive in the workplace. Gossiping about others is a way of disrespecting them.  Gossip as always have never been a positiveexperience rather it spreads negativity.

 ·        Don’tcultivate personal emotions at work – Some people, especially the bosses, maybe demanding and stressful to work with but they are not doing it to personallyhurt you or put you down.  Just like you,they are just doing their work and they are also being pressured and stressedby their own bosses and other factors. Just focus on your work and keep your emotions at bay.    Thereare other dos and don’ts to remember in the workplace.  The important thing is to go back to thebasics.  Know why are you working in thefirst place.  This will keep you focusedand keep you from all the distractions.



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