Ethics the common objective amongst modern engineers [2],

      Ethics in Engineering: Public Safety and WelfareECOR 4995 – BAbhijith Kumar(100988143)            Engineering is a form of appliedscience in order to solve problems in shaping society and human life todayand in the future 1, 2. Asan engineer, an individual is expected to display a high standard of honestyand integrity due to the direct and crucial influence it exhibits on thequality of life for the public 3. Engineers yield a certain degree of influenceover the decision makers and the formulators of policies 4.

If the influenceis solely based on an individuals, or a very small group of the publics’ self-interests,the interests and the welfare of the larger community becomes of secondimportance 4. This can lead to corruption and can threaten the safety andwelfare of the general population 4. Consequently, engineers orient theirprofessional actions towards the fundamentals and criteria of ethics provided, andexecute them into practice 2. As a means of social progress, improvement in developingsensible and sustainable technological systems is one of the common objectiveamongst modern engineers 2, 5. Due to the significance and the impactof professionals in the modern world, the value systems governing the lives andattitudes of engineers are of utmost importance 4. The primary reason why engineersare highly regarded and respected by the society is due to the fact thatengineers tend to make decisions that often leave huge impacts on either aplace, or its occupants 6.Through the Code of Ethics, professional engineers followa philosophy of work that values and highlights the positive qualities in thatfield 4, 7. The moral and practical significance of ethics in engineering,the quality of decisions can be improved to benefit the public through justice,equity, taking responsibility for the consequences of the people affected bythe decisions and some personal and collective responsibilities that lie beyondcontractual obligations to which professional engineers are bound 6.

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Forengineers residing in the Ontario province in Canada, the ProfessionalEngineers Ontario released a completed version of the Code of Ethics in 1990 7.                     References


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