Ethics into two sub- branches that called ethics

Ethicsis a one of the branch in philosophy that conclude systematizing, defending andrecommending concepts of right and wrong conduct . Ethics are divided or hadbeen separate into two sub- branches that called ethics and aesthetics. Each ofthem was concerned more about the values. Nowadays, there are more specificabout ethics regarding there are three area of study that focus on ethics whichis meta-ethics, normative ethics and applied ethics.    In Aristotle view, it was more focus atnormative ethics or it also called as prescriptive ethics.

This ethics was concernedabout how things should do, which things are good or bad and is the action thatI am doing is right or wrong. So it can be say that this ethics was try tocreate a rules and govern the human on every action. If it goes more specific actually,normative ethics are divided into three main of categories that wereconsequentialism, deontology and virtue ethics.    Aristotle put more emphasis on virtueethics. Virtue ethics also was divided into two and it were intellectual andmoral. Intellectual virtues result was come from teaching while moral virtuewas come from habit.

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As an example to explain more about virtue ethics, there akind person and this kind person truly kind in every situation in the lifetimeand there was no reason to he or she to be kind. He or she not become to a kindperson just to get attention or someone was push them to be kind but she or hejust became their own self to be a kind person.     Every activity has a last or final result,the good and the best at which it aims and Aristotle argued that there must bea highest good at which all human activity final aim or all human want theending to be like that.

But the question is this end of human life could justbe called happiness or living well to be the good final of a human. If thewealth or intellectual be a guide to say that a human was happy but why stillhave a person who had intellectual knowledge stress and become not happy. 


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