A the run. Important Points to Remember

A suggestion to provide electronic assistance to umpires has been viewed with a mixture of amazement and amusement.

It is possible, though, that something on these lines could appear in international cricket sooner or later. The point is an international captain must be capable of withstanding the demands and the pressures of the modern game. India’s problem has generally been captains whose leadership and strategy have depended too much on their own form as cricketers. If in poor form they tend to get lost in their own worries and forget their other responsibilities. In 1974-’75, Pataudi, in his last series as captain showed that this need not be the case He had his poorest run with the bat, but managed to get the powerful West Indians on the run.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay: 1. Commercialization of cricket has resulted in not accepting defeat. 2. Umpiring has become controversial due to criticism from touring teams. 3. It is difficult to implement ICC’s proposal of neutral umpires.

4. Electronic assistance for umpires may be provided in near future. 5. A captain must adapt to the present needs. 6. The leadership of Indian captains has depended too much on their form as cricketers.

7. It is not a correct concept. 8. It was disproved by Pataudi who, with his own poorest run defeated West Indies.


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