A in their offices. Such a tragic day

A plane came from, no one knows where, an unknown destination, and passed through the heart of the huge building crushing it to shreds. The building that stood like a colossus a few minutes back, in all its pride and beauty was lying broken into pieces, and that also in a matter of minutes. The people working inside the building were either crushed or burnt to death. Just a few hours ago, the people who were cheerfully busy in their respective jobs lay dead amongst the rubble that the building was. They could have never imagined that, this would be their last working day in their offices. Such a tragic day was the eleventh of September 2001.

What happened was definitely a blow to the United States but, at the same time the world witnessed the awakening of a monster who had ominously touched the most prosperous country of the world. The world of terrorists had taken a great leap into hitherto unknown dangers from the United States. The terrorists had unknowingly given a uniting factor to the entire world. Now the echo against all kinds of terrorism was heard loud and clear.

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Something that had been quietly simmering for decades had taken a big somersault and the world was awakened with a jolt to the marathon task of crushing terrorism. With this single day of misadventure by the world of terrorists a complete awakening against terrorism of any kind, and anywhere in the world has come about. The result of the single holocaust has worked wonders in uniting the countries that matter in the comity of nations. All countries of importance have got united in their effort to root out terrorism. They have all joined hands to work out a module to successfully destroy terrorism from its very roots. Thus, though a few thousand lost their precious lives in that horrific event, their dreams were buried in the debris of the Tower, they have done a great task.

They have helped in giving a clarion call against terrorism. Their contribution to mankind will never be lost in the memory lane of History.


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