This accept conformity. Social Control thus provides for

This is the main purpose of social control.

Since the modem complex society is a multi-group society differential norms will have to co-exist. As a result, behavioural patterns of different groups differ significantly. But these differences should not be allowed to exceed the limits of tolerance. People must be made to feel the need for security. For the sake of security they are obliged, to accept conformity.

Social Control thus provides for conformity. 2. Social Control brings about solidarity: The second main purpose of social control is to create in the minds of people the feeling of identity and of solidarity. For the proper and smooth functioning of the society the different organisations and institutions of the social system must be properly integrated.

Otherwise, in this competitive world the weaker group may be completely ex­ploited by the stronger one, or equally powerful groups may clash among themselves and spoil peace and order. Some groups may even develop anti-societal attitudes and pose permanent danger to the organisation of the society. It becomes necessary for the society to establish a reasonable balance or equilibrium between different groups and institutions. This would repose confidence among people. Society does this through various means of social control. 3. Social Control assures the continuity of social group or society: Societies not only struggle for stability and solidarity but also for their own survival or continuity. Continuity is the bed-rock on which the future of the society depends.

Society maintains its continuity by controlling effectively its people and their groups. Due to this continuity the means of social control become in course of time a part of culture. As a part of culture they are transmitted from one generation to another. Thus, various means of social control function endlessly to maintain the continuity of the society.


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