Irrespective sales executive, sales director, marketing manager, etc.,

Irrespective of the position and status in an organisation, sales manager generally holds an important position in the organisation. There are numerous types of sales managers. However, marketing experts classify the sales manager under two heads, viz. administrative sales manager and operating sales manager. Administrative sales manager is just like the marketing manager dealing with the administrative part of the sales organisation. He usually formulates various sales policies including the design of the sales organisation, market analysis, distribution, research, coordination within the organisation, coordination with external distribution agencies, policy formulation in relation to price, credit and service, investigation of sales methods, budgets, establishment of quotas, and making plans and programmes. The operating or field sales manager on the other hand, reports directly to the marketing manager or administrative sales manager.

Usually, he is responsible for management and development of the sales personnel in an organisation. Sales manager has to carry out the sales plan as laid down by the administrative sales manager. He has to locate, select, train, supervise and evaluate the sales force. Although they are known by different connotations such as vice president, sales executive, sales director, marketing manager, etc.

, sales manager is the guiding and driving force of the sales department. Sales manager is the chief executive or head of the sales organisation of a business. The efficient functioning of the sales department solely depends on the table and efficient leadership of the sales manager. The sales manager occupies a place of pivotal importance in the organisation. He is the person who shoulders all the responsibilities of the sales organisation and steers the wheels of the sales organisation. In a nutshell, sales manager is the person who performs all the crucial managerial functions like planning, directing, organising, coordinating, motivating and communicating for the sales department.

Thus, sales manager is an inseparable element of the marketing organisation.


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