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We eat in order that we live, we do not live to eat. Fast food is the single biggest cause for making people unhealthy or unfit. The whole problem is that fast food seems tastier than the normal, proper healthy food. Promises, resolutions are hard to keep when temptation is at hand and saliva is literally dripping in your mouth. The battle however continues. I have a very simple policy of keeping fit. Enjoy your favourite dishes, but within limits, if however you do overindulge, as we or rather I usually do, control your diet immediately. For small errands such as provisions for the house, a visit to the market etc., try to walk out as far as possible. It is always good (a boon in one way) if a few things on the provision’s list are out of stock for the moment, so that another trip becomes necessary.

Keeping fit and healthy , is all in the mind , if you believe that keeping fit is necessary for better living only then can you succeed in the battle of good health verses the various types to a healthy living that are laid down in any walk of life . Those obsessed with healthy skin, keeping fit keeps your skin smooth, firm and also clear and glowing. Our skin has its own way of showing off when it is in good, health condition and its benefits are for the whole words to see. To frighten other into staying fit I must add that heart problem, blood pressure, breathlessness, fatigue can be caused by having an unhealthy body. I do sincerely hope that by now all who read this are convinced or coerced into exercising in order to stay fit, to live a healthier and a longer life. Don’t overdo it. Make an exercise programme which you are able to maintain over a long period of time.


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