Crawling strain their eyes by looking at

Crawling today does not only include the traditional type of crawling where a baby walks on his or her knees and palms, crawling is of various kinds. Some babies lie on their bottoms thus using their hands to move forward while the other babies crawl on their palms and feet which are popularly known as “bear crawling”. Absence of crawling in the early years can prove to be harmful because, certain researches have stated the fact that lack of crawling in some of the cases has led to autistic disorders and also ADD/ADHD syndromes. Binocular vision, one of the most important steps of development takes place simultaneously along with crawling. Crawling, infant strain their eyes by looking at a distance and then looking again at their hands.

As a result of this practice, children learn to train and adjust their eye sights to use the blackboard. Crawling strengthens both the left and the right sides of the brain as a result of which an individual’s brain can properly communicate with other parts of the body for their successful functioning. Apart from the strengthening of bones and muscles of the body, crawling is helpful in organizing and stimulating the hormones, the eyes with the help of crawling is helpful in nurturing the skills like reading and writing which helps in the future.

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Yes it is true that all babies do not crawl but that does not mean that they do not develop. Nature is always at work and development can take place by other means but every parent should encourage their children to crawl because of the reason that crawling is healthy and one of the most significant signs for the development of a baby.


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