It is quite obvious that

It is quite obvious that holding an office, may, at the same time, give an individual, a status. The kind of status it gives depends upon the importance of the organisation of which office is a part. The status also depends on the importance of this particular office within the organisation. Example: An inspector general of police and a circle inspector though both occupy a place in police depart­ment have wide difference in their ranking. Depending upon their rank their positions offer them different statuses. It is also quite likely that an individual may acquire a certain office because of his access to a particular status.

Statistics have proved that the sons of professional people and businessmen have a greater chance of securing high positions and offices than the sons of labour-class people. These two kinds of social positions, that is, status and office, are necessarily interrelated and, interdependent. For example, occupational position may be both a status and an office. It appears as a ‘status’ from the standpoint of the general public, and sounds like an ‘ office’ from the viewpoint of the particular business company or agency.

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