May Campbell wins the battle of Kanpur.

May 1857: At Meerut, 85 sepoys of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment on their refusal to use the greased cartridges were court-martialled and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. 10th May: The sepoys broke out in open rebellion at Meerut.

They shot their officers, released their fellow sepoys and headed towards Delhi. 11-30 May 1857: On May 11 Meerut mutineers crossed over to Delhi and appealed to Bahadur Shah II, the pensioner Mughal Emperor to lead them and procailmed him Shahenshah-Hindustan (Emperor of India). Outbreaks in Delhi: Delhi was seized by the rebels. The city was occupied. Some European inhabitants of Delhi were shot dead. The loss of Delhi was a serious loss of prestige to the English.

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The success of the rebellion in Delhi created a sensation in various parts of North and Central India. Ferozepur, Bombay, Aligarh, Etawah, Bulandshahr, Nasirabad, Bareilly, Moradabad, Shahjehanpur and other stations in U.P. June 1857: On June 4, the soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry and 1st Native Infantry mutinied at Kanpur. Mutinies at Gwalior, Bharatpur, Jhansi, Allahabad, Faizabad, Sultanpur, Lucknow etc.

The civil rebellion spreads through the Indo-Gangetic plain, Rajputana, Central India and some other parts of Bengal. July 1857: Mutinies at Indore, Mhow, Sagar and certain places in the Punjab like Jhelum, Sialkot etc. August 1857: Civil rebellion spreads throughout Sagar and Narmada districts. September 1857: The English recapture Delhi: further outbreaks in Central India. October 1857: Revolt spreads to Kota State.

November 1857: The rebels defeat General Windham outside Kanpur. December 1857: Sir Colin Campbell wins the battle of Kanpur. March 1858: Lucknow recaptured by the English. April 1858: Jhansi falls to the English. Fresh rising in Bihar led by Kunwar Singh. May 1858: The English recapture Bareilly, Jagdishpur and Kalpi.

Indian rebels begin guerilla warfare in Rohilkhand. July-December 1858: English authority re-established in India.


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