The sciences are bound to follow the “scientific

The method that is followed in order to carry on research is “scientific method “. In general terms it can be said that ‘research’ is the aim and the scientific method is the means of attaining it. Research in whatever science it is carried on, follows the same scientific method. As C.R. Kothari pointed out” the philosophy common to all research methods and techniques, although they may vary considerably from one science to another, is usually given the name of scientific method.

” The basic purpose of science is to establish the systematic relationship between facts. Hence all the sciences are bound to follow the “scientific method ” which is dedicated to provide us the truth or ultimate reality. Karl Pearson has rightly said that “the scientific method is one and the same in the branches of (science) and that method is the method of all logically trained minds the unity of all sciences consists alone in its methods, not its material, the man who classifies the facts of any kind whatever, who sees their mutual relation and describes these sequences, is applying the scientific method and is a man of science.”


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