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Rather it is the effervescent of bountiful source of revelation, which was sent down to The Prophet S.A. by the trustee of Gabriel, and is a code for any guidance and prosperity seeking man. Quran is a divine trust and a speaking logic for the safe intellects and talented souls as well as firm axis of Islam.

The sacred Quran is concerned with God and man. God, who is the owner and creator. Relation of the Creator and creature is accompanied with religious responsibilities and duties. Quran obliges all people to observe their belief duties. Each of the revealed verses of Quran is a guidance for all people and luminous verses of Allah is a written and comprehensive code, which causes hope, mobility, direction and objective in life. For familiarity and servitude of this divine book of the Unique God, each man should clarify his relation with God and his fellow creature, and find his actual and logical situation in this world that who and what is he? From where he has come and to where he will go? Quran’s instructions and teachings are applicable in all periods and for all people. They are not changed in different conditions, and men cannot accept a part of it and leave the rest.

Quran states that Islam is a perfect and clear religion having a unique law integrated with the other related ordinances which are technically called spirit of law. Islam does not analyze Allah, and this is the same for man. While ordering divine lordship, it instructs to the singleness of man’s servitude. It is addressed to the man, into whom God’s spirit is breathed. His body is related to earth, but his soul is related to God. His essential dignity and excellence is so high that the angels prostrate to his rank. Considering his powerful innate motive, man is bound to attempt for proper knowledge of his deity, to spread his wings of servitude, humility and obedience with a lovely and pure relation, so that the beam of heat of this love and gnostic attraction overshadows all aspects of his life and obtain his existential perfection by this powerful spiritual relation. In such a way, he will discover the puzzle of his existence, and will reach to the tower of nature sufficiency.

Holy Quran, this noble divine book, has recommended defending of all limits and human rights, and complete obedience to God’s decrees is the condition of guaranteeing this observance. Nowadays, no law can claim that it has been able or is able to fulfil requirements of humanity or present comprehensive and impeccable instructions for the safe life of mane. Which regulations and law have succeeded to guide the man eager for justice, equality, benevolence, kindness and tranquillity to the real life? Quran says: However the actual prosperity, tranquillity and reality of life depend on observance of instruction of Quran.

Religious minorities are repeatedly mentioned in Quran as those having divine book, but did not accept the mission of the last prophet, Mohammad S. A., and remained in their own religion, but accepted conditions of living in an Islamic society, and Islamic government is responsible for preserving and protecting their property, interests and other rights. 1. Some verses are addressed to the obstinate Christians and Jews, who heard the voice of knowledge and awareness, fact seeking, and saving from polytheism, but did not accept it. Those Jews who call Ezra as son of God, and those Christians who call Jesus as son of God, and consequently this exaggerating imagination has caused their deviation.

In fact, Christ is son of Mary and in 16 cases is mentioned in Quran that he passed normally his childhood, and possessed all humanitic characteristics. So he could not be a God. Jesus is the messenger of God, and his mission has no relation with his divinity. According to Quran’s interpretation, Jesus was the Word of God which was inspired to Mary. The phrase indicates that Jesus was a creature and he was a spirit created by God. Now, the problem of Christianity world is that they consider singleness of God as metaphorical, and Trinity as real. The illogical equation of 1=3 is not accepted for anybody, because it is not intellectual.

The singleness of religion is started from the logic of intellect, and this is the belief contradiction of Christians about science and religion. They say 3 are equal with 1, while science says 3 is never equal with 1. The present Gospels have not referred to Trinity, but Christian researchers believe that the source of Trinity is hidden and unclear in the Old Testament and New Testament. Trinity appeared among Christians since third century AD due to their exaggeration, but some people believe that it is derived from Indian Trinity. 2. Another group of verses of Quran in The House of Imran (verses 69-72) addresses Christians and Jews, who asked The Prophet SA a miracle in order to believe in him. In verse 153 of The Woman is mentioned: The People of the Book will ask thee to bring down upon them a Book from heaven. God says that they have not good will in their requests.

This is an illogical request reminding the belief of idolaters. They are those, who became calf worshipper after clear miracles. On the other hand, Followers of The Book propounded their excellence and superiority, and expressed that our prophet and book existed before yours, and we are the selected Jewish nation, and we will not be in the fire of hell except for a few days.

In verse 133 of The House of Imran, God says: they should know that existential value of each person depends on his belief and good deed, not his claim. 3. Another group of verses indicate ignorantly interpretations of Followers of The Book so that they said: We are Followers of The Book and prophet, and we are allowed to usurp Arabs’ property because they do not follow religion of Moses. While Quran does not allow anybody to interfere and occupy the property of others without any proper reason. Rather some verses distinguish the minority of believers of Followers of The Book from their libertine majority. Those who left fanaticism and joint Moslems, like believing of 40 Christians of Najran, and 32 people of Ethiopia. Quran has not denied general existence of the Jews, and Christian and respects the minority of their believers.

4. A group of verses addressed to the Followers of The Book indicates the hypocritical mentality of some of them, apparently claiming following The Book, and said that The Book, The Prophet S.A.

and divine Book have already existed among us and we believe in them. When reciting God’s Book, they move their tongue so that others think what they are reciting is from God’s side, while they are knowingly attributing lie to God. The contract of three groups of hypocrites of Medina from Bani Ghoraizeh, Bani Nozair and Bani Ghinghah against The Prophet S.A. is a clear evidence of plots of the Jews. And also we said to the Followers of Christ to observe what is revealed in your books, and whosoever judges not based on what is written in the Gospels of that time, he is unbeliever, and anyone who does not fulfil his duty and responsibility is unjust, disbeliever and sinner. In the meantime, along the history and presently, Islam has supported and also supports all men, especially religious minorities in the Islamic society and always observes their rights and respects them. Herein we remind a selection of speeches of leader of Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini R.

A. in respect to supporting the rights of religious minorities in the Islamic government system as follows: All groups of people are partners in the national rights, and their rights will be observed. In Islam, religious minorities are highly respected, and they are free like the other groups in performing religious ceremonies as well as voting and determining their representatives in the parliament.


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