No movement is gaining ground in Europe.

No side in this MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) could fire a weapon without the risk of being destroyed within 10 minutes”. General Bastian resigned from the army to start the first organized movement against the armament race-the “Greens”. It has a large following in West Germany and claims that 60 per cent of the people in the country are against armament.

They have four demands an arrangement between the different countries to establish nuclear free zone in Central Europe, withdrawal of nuclear weapons from German soil, withdrawal of all foreign troops and the declaration of Germany a neutral country. The movement is gaining ground in Europe. The General’s worldwide tours helped other organizations too working in other countries.

Let us wish, hope and pray that the disarmament movement gains ground. But if Milton tried to justify the ways of God to man may also justify his ways to God in bringing the Doom’s day nearer. The armament race will go on to achieve its goal the goal of elimination of the World. One planet going – awry won’t mean much to the vast Galaxy.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay: 1. Armament race is opposed worldwide. 2.

Many demonstrations including from European Army generals have created hope. 3. Gerd Bestian a German General says that army is unhappy about nuclear weapons as it will lead to mutual destruction. 4. Resigning from army he organized ‘Greens’ the first organization against armament race.

5. It claims 60% following in West Germany. It demands Central Europe as nuclear free zone, withdrawal of nuclear weapons and troops from West Germany declaring it neutral.

6. He has established contacts throughout the world. 7. Still armament race may continue to bring world’s destruction nearer.


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