Alarmed is hardly the answer. If anything, it

Alarmed by this disturbing trend, the Government intends to arm itself with more stringent laws to deal with the Naxalites.

This, while increasing the powers of the police, would also clip the wings of civil rights organizations. But the problem, and its solution, is not all that simple. Attempts to crush the Srikakulam-based Naxalite movement in the 1960 and the crack-down on Naxalites during the Emergency have shown that their influence is more widespread than the Government likes to believe. And elimination of Naxalite in police encounters is hardly the answer. If anything, it only serves to fuel the Naxalites’ militancy and turns public opinion against the Government. And with the Government proposing to bring in battalions of the Central Reserve Police Force to deal with the Naxalite menace, the situation promises to take an uglier turn. For all practical purposes, the Naxalite movement in the state seems to have lost its sense of purpose and has got mired in the maze of mindless violence. In this game of striving and fighting for people’s rights, it is ironically the people themselves who have turned out to be the ultimate losers.

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The police deserve credit for thinking of imaginative ways to tackle their influence but they are, perhaps, the first to admit that left wing extremism of this kind can never be wiped out as long as steps are not taken to ameliorate the economic condition of the people. Important Points to Remember about this Essay: 1. All the 13 Naxalite groups in the state depend on terrorism to keep their influence. 2.

They depend upon unemployed dissatisfied youth. 3. The government intends to enforce strict laws which will increase powers of the police and check civil rights organizations.

” 4. But it did not affect much in past as their influence is widespread. 5. They gain public sympathy in police encounters and deployment of CRPF makes the situation uglier.

6. Naxalites too have lost their purpose in the confusion of violence. 7. The people, for whom they fight, are ultimate losers. 8. Police deserves credit for their imaginative ways.

But they admit failure of their extermination unless the economic condition improves.


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