Lunch we finally landed in Kashmir and the

Lunch was over now and I began to feel sleepy. I almost dozed off when I heard the voice of the head air hostess over the microphone.

She announced our aircraft was now flying over the mountainous regions (the Himalayas). Almost immediately I pushed the shutter up. The sight that was below me was very disappointing all I could see was white clouds and some chuncks of black too. I began to curse my luck when all of a sudden I became speechless. What I saw could easily be described as the one and only most beautiful sight that I had ever seen. There was a vast expanse of mountain ranges below and they were all covered with snow. The green, brown and white dream like scenery brought a silent prayer to my mind.

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I could not help thanking God for making this earth so beautiful. My feelings of awe were mixed with those of gratitude and I also felt the greatness of God. It had to be the hand of a master creator who could have created this breath taking, awe inspiring landscape. Our aircraft began to descend and my joy grew even more.

I could almost touch the mountain peaks before we finally landed in Kashmir and the doors of plane opened to let in the crisp, fresh air of the Himalayan regions of India.


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