On organisation breaks down at some point,

On the contrary, the best goodwill in the world will be insufficient for the successful pursuit of an organisational activity if the formal organisation is deficient. Two good friends placed in a top position in an organisation may very quickly become enemies because of conflict between them. Further, if the formal organisation breaks down at some point, it may be replaced by informal organisation. “The most efficient and satisfactory organisation is the one in which formal organisation is supported by the informal organisation”.

When the discrepancy between the two becomes too great the organisation….is in danger of dissolution. The relationships between the formal and informal organisations are ‘always subtle, always complicated, and always interesting. And it is in this ared”, particularly with respect to the political organisation of society, that sociology and political science meet on common ground ‘.-Robert Bierstedt Sociologist Charles H.

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Page has opined that the continuous interaction and association among the members of formal organisation result in the emergence of informal structure of roles and rela­tionships. He calls such informal structure consisting of primary group relations, friendships and cliques, ties of mutual obligations of aid and assistance,- ‘bureaucracy’s other face.’ According to Charles Bernard the informal organisations are necessary “to the operation of formal organisations as a means of communication, of cohesion, and of protecting the integrity of the individual.” The experiments of George Elton Mayo conducted in Hawthorne Works in Chicago of the Western Electric Company have proved convincingly that the informal organisations are im­portant and without them no large-scale system could ever be stable and efficient.


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