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Some objects of civilisation or some utilitarian things when become old acquire cultural char­acter. The tools and implements of the primitive communities are also the symbols of culture. Vari­ous articles such as pots, vessels, ornaments, coins, weapons, tools, etc.

, found in excavations reveal the culture of the ancient people. An environment of civilisation can affect our thoughts, values, morals, aims, objectives, ideals, ideologies, etc. The machine has brought new habits and enjoyments, new philosophy and ethics. Our world outlook has been changed due to the progress of science and technology. The cultural order also affects civilisation. Every people, every age has its own way of life. We look at the new inventions and techniques in the light of our way of life and our values. New aspira­tions and values may bring about a new civilisation.

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Culture is the breeding ground of civilisation. Civilisation gives strength and stamina for the wheels of society to march on. According to Ogburn, civilisation represents “material culture” and culture implies “non-material culture”. If civilisation is like a body, culture is its ‘soul. MacIver and Page have clearly stated the interrelationship between culture and civilisation. They say that civilisation is a ship “which can set sail to various ports. The port we sail to remains a cultural choice.

Without the ship we could not sail at all; according to the character of take ship we sail fast or slow, take longer or shorter voyages. But the direction in which we travel is not predestinated by the design of the ship. The more efficient it is, the more ports lie within the range of our choos­ing”. In short, civilisation is the driving force of society. Culture is its steering wheel.


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