As us. Fortunately for us, my uncle is

As we reached Sheila, my uncle was already there to receive us. He at once took us to his house.

We were simply charmed at the conductive climate of Sheila. There was no more heat of the summer. It was rather cold there and we had to be careful about wearing our clothes well.

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At Sheila we had a routine for alternate work and rest. We, both the friends were very weak in studies. Particularly, we abhorred English as a foreign language. We wanted to make up our deficiency in this subject. We had brought our books with us.

Fortunately for us, my uncle is an M.A. in English Language and Literature. He helped us a lot in our studies. At the end of a month we realized that we no longer dreaded this foreign language. We took regular exercise and had morning walks at shiplap. Occasionally, we went for sight-seeing.

The green trees, colorful flowers, dancing springs and float­ing clouds and occasional showers kept us refreshed. One day before our holidays were to be over, we returned to the hot plains. But the memory of Sheila is still fresh in our minds.


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