Therefore, also, their likes, dislikes, tastes and

Therefore, salesmen are expected to know and understand their prospective customers well because it is the customers who determine the fate and fortune of the business. The success of all selling efforts largely depends on the ability of the salesman to recognise the needs, problems, likes, dislikes of the customers and treat them accordingly.

It has been rightly said that, ‘know the customers, for, they are the paymasters’. Prof. Sherleker points out that the salesman should remember three things: 1. A customer is the most important asset a seller can have. 2. A customer is the hardest thing to get.

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3. A customer is the easiest thing to lose. A careful analysis of the above three statements clearly points out that a customer is a complex person. The salesman should try to understand his motives, needs and desires and persuade accordingly, so as to get the desired results. This necessitates a closer examination of the customers so as to devise ways of dealing with them. However, the quality and character of customers vary from one individual to another.

So also, their likes, dislikes, tastes and habits. Therefore, a perfect knowledge about each of the prospective customers enables the salesman to deal with them efficiently and effectively.


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