Starting with this spa, the spa culture spread

Starting with this spa, the spa culture spread across other parts of Europe and later to the other parts of the globe as well. Some spas use mineral water; others use sea water and marine substances as well. The therapies available are varied. Yet even today, the concept of healing is the backbone of the spa culture worldwide and hydrotherapy is seen as its defining feature. Spas today immediately conjure up in one’s mind images of a relaxing environment with one dressed in a robe and Osho slippers listening to soothing music, sipping herbal concoctions and eating healthy designer meals.

Life is supposed to be simplified in a spa with no distractions and work obligations focusing just on the well-being of the client. Today there are different kinds of spas – health spas, detoxification spas, day spas, retreat spas, beauty spas and resort spas just to name a few. They all have one thing in common though – the rejuvenation of the human body. The fast paced life of today and the resulting stresses have resulted in the need and desire for effective relaxation to counter these everyday pressures. With time scarce as it is, people are looking for miracle treatments that can rejuvenate them instantly. Health spas are about instant rejuvenation quite like the instant Maggie mix that we are familiar with.

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Treatments in these spas are designed not just to work fast but to also provide visible results. The aim of health spas these days is to achieve some kind of magic personal metamorphosis. While some spas aim to an outward metamorphosis, others claim to metamorphosize from within as well. Along with the regular treatments like massages, acupuncture, acupressure, water therapy they have meditation and nutrition taken care of as well.

Most spas offer five star facilities and are largely the destination of the rich and the famous. These spas that exclusively cater to the glitterati are generally situated in resorts and are called as resort spas. They are manned by qualified physicians, psychologists, and beauty attendants.

There are some health spas that cater to the people under substance abuse. The rich people pay these spas huge amounts of money to get them off their dependence on substances and to get their lives back on tracks. The inmates of the spa are kept busy with many different treatments like sunbathing, mudbathing, massages, pack treatments, hydrotherapy, beauty treatments, and fitness regimes.

There are the luxury spas as well which are all about luxury and opulence. Yes champagne dreams and caviar kisses that’s what luxury spas are about. They are aimed at pampering the already pampered.

With less time available these days for relaxation the spas are increasingly becoming popular as the vacation getaways for many who wish to unwind. The idea is to be able to get mental and spiritual harmony realigned in a spa to be able to hit the road again.


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