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It is strange enough that in India increase in the incidence of education too disturbs the functioning of democracy as in Kerala. Caste ridden society has also given a blow to the healthy democratic system.

With all respects to the principles and personalities, it remains a fact that all parties chose their candidates mostly on caste basis. In a Reddy dominated constituency candidates of all parties would be Reedy. In a Jet populated area all candidates would be Jets. This trend has kept the real leaders and workers away from representation.

Like all democracies in the world money plays a great part during elections. Business magnates too have a stake and have a say in the economic policies as they are the sole financiers of the political parties. That way it is close to the capitalist countries with the difference that there the electorate is educated and highly politically conscious. Thus a government duly elected is generally not upset during its tenure. In India money plays a great part in upsetting governments through defection. Still, with all these drawbacks democracy can hardly be called a failure in this country. It has kept its foothold since independence. Backwardness, poverty, castes, conventionalism are the factors faced by all the democracies of the world at some stage or the other.

India too would contain them. Compared to western democracies it is yet an infant in India. Let it gain maturity and it will establish itself not only the biggest but the most ideal democracy of the world. Important Points to Remember about this Essay: 1.

Illiteracy and poverty are the shortcomings of Indian democracy. 2. Leaders want to keep people so to gain their votes. 3. In India education too disturbs democracy.

But the most important, is caste system which does not allow the election of good candidates. 4. Like the west money plays an important part in Indian democracy during election, and in planning helping the capitalists. 5. Western electorate is educated and politically conscious. So the government formed remains.

In India money is used for defection. 6. Despite all the weaknesses democracy has not failed in India. All countries have faced them. 7. Indian democracy is yet an infant. On gaining maturity it will be the best in the world.


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