a. same types of facilities. c. Imitation: Mostly,

a. Appearance: Some customers are attracted to a particular shop or store by its appearance.

The appearance mainly constitutes the decoration of the shop. A well decorated, attractively furnished shop with all modern amenities tends to attract the attention of customers automatically. It actually becomes a case of love at first sight. b. Recommendations: Customers also visit a specific shop on the recommendations of their friends and relatives. Usually, these friends and relatives happen to be the satisfied customers of that particular shop. As a result, they recommend the store to others so that they can also avail the same types of facilities.

c. Imitation: Mostly, customers are motivated to follow others, particularly, the elites, the fashion leaders, the opinion leaders and so on. Most often, it seems easier and safer for many customers to go to a particular shop imitating the others. This motive is stronger in case of fashion-oriented and style-based products and services. d. Prestige: There are a number of customers who possess adequate wealth, and therefore, sufficient purchasing power. For them, the most important buying motive is the prestige and the feeling of superiority. The motive of prestige remains quite strong with them.

As a result, they often purchase goods which they might not need at all at that time. Sometimes, they buy the latest and most exclusive products in the market as a display of prestige. They purchase articles and avail services even at higher price mostly driven by the motive of prestige.


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