The next to the window and felt very

The plump man sitting at the counter pointed to the right and I thanked him before moving towards the line. I joined the line that the man had pointed towards. Soon a bus came and all the Passengers got on.

I found a good seat next to the window and felt very happy with myself for having found my way to the bus and felt that finally I was on my way to Faridabad. After half an hour a conductor came to me and asked me for money. He said “Where do you want to go boy, I replied very confidently – “Faridabad”. The conductor and my fellow passengers looked at me in wonder. They informed me that the bus was going to Gaziabad and not Faridabad. I felt the worst imaginable fear as I heard that I had boarded the wrong bus. I realized that the man at the counter had misunderstood Faridabad for Gaziabad as both the names sound similar. My fellow passengers were helpful.

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The conductor too guided me and told me to get off at the next big bus stop and buy a ticket for Faridabad from there. I waited impatiently for the next stop. As it arrived, I got off and bought a ticket for Faridabad. The bus came and this time I asked at least five people where the bus was headed before I finally boarded the bus. This was the worst experience I had with buses. I heaved a sigh of relief as I reached my friend’s house but I was too embarrassed to admit that I had been the victim of such a big mistake.


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