Anger he continues to burn within. He

Anger however, is perhaps the most destructive of all emotions. Anger is one emotion that changes the person completely. Anger causes certain changes in the body – the blood begins to circulate faster, the eyes become red and some people even tremble with anger. When anger takes control of anyone, it makes him violent, aggressive and Unreasonable.

The main problem is that the angry person refuses to listen to any sense and he continues to burn within. He may be vocal and start shouting. Some people throw anything that comes within their reach. They slam doors, kick things abuse, curse, hitout, box and some even my when they are angry. Anger changes a man into an animal. The most sensible person can turn almost insane for the moment when he is ruled by anger.

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People say things that they regret later. They lose friends, they hurt their families. It takes a lot of endurance from those who live with people with quick or hot tempers. Anger destroys one’s peace of mind and the minute one sees it rising, one must begin to breathe deeply, or count to ten. This distracts the mind from the thought that caused the anger. Meditation and prayer are also good ways to control this extremely destructive emotion.

People often make great mistakes in their lives when they are angry. They spend many 7ears in trying to undo the damage that they cause to others and most of all to themselves. The less we give in to our anger the happier can our lives be. So next time anger threatens, smile.


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