As were told to go to our

As I got up, I felt something unusual about the day.

I knew it was the first day of my H.S.L.C. Examination. A bit of excitement ran through me.

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After an immediate wash I sat at my desk and revised English, which was the first paper. English was my favourite subject and I was quite confident of doing well in it. After a light breakfast, I got ready to go to the Examination centre. As I left home everyone was there at the door wishing me all the best for the day. I bend down and touched the feet of my grandfather in abeyance, as he was the one who initiated me first to the world of learning and I was going to begin an important stage in my life. I needed the blessings of my elders to do it well. My elder brother dropped me at the examination centre situated about 3 kms from my home by his scooter. As I reached the place, I noticed lots of students and parents looking at the notice board regarding the seating arrangement.

I had already visited the centre on the previous day and found my seat. At 8.30 a.

m. the first bell rang and we were told to go to our respective examination halls. I went to Hall No. IV where my seat was and sat at my place. I was feeling a bit nervous and excited.

I could see that everyone in the Examination hall was in a similar plight as mine. They were all talking away quite vigorously and excitedly. As minutes passed by, for the examination to begin, my heart was beating quite fast. I knew that English wouldn’t be hard. I had prepared it well. Besides, it was my favourite subject and I always scored more than 80% marks in the subject during the past two years and more. At 8.

50 a.m. there was a bell. Hearing the bell the invigilators requested us to be silent and started to distribute the question papers immediately. As I got the question paper in my hands, I asked for God’s blessings and then, looked at the question paper.

To my great joy it was exactly as I had expected. I read through the entire question paper and found it rather easy. Within a short time I started to write. Slowly the excitement and fear which had engulfed me little earlier disappeared and I was writing normally as in any other examinations. Within three hours, I completed my paper and submitted the same to the invigilator. As I got out of the hall, I heaved a sigh of relief and felt that the day’s paper was a good beginning for the rest of the examination. ‘Well begun is half done’, as the saying goes.


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