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Essay #1            Being promoted to work as anassistant to the CEO of a large health care delivery system comes with a lot ofresponsibilities. My first assignment is to find innovative ways to improvehealth system quality, control cost, and maximize access to care for mycommunity citizens.             This first innovated idea that canhelp my health system meet improvement goals around cost would be to “implement an innovating care delivery by negotiatingdirectly with self-insures employers as part of its Program for Advanced MedicalCare” (Kovner, 208). This program would bebeneficially for employees as their employers would provide them with access toworld class health care that is at an affordable price. Another innovated idea forimprovement goals around quality could be technology based on the IntermountainHealthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah. The idea of innovation is to create aHealthcare Transformation Lab, which allows patients to have technology rapidlyat their bedside. Another technology related innovation would be to allow theemployees to develop ideas such as 3D printing for medical devices, handcleaning sensors, and life detector to notify caregivers when there is a changein vital signs.

Another innovation would be to allow employers to securegreater value in health care purchase by having a bundle payment program andtransparency in quality outcomes. Additional, another innovative idea could toproperly train hospital employee to reduce the chance of medical errors andimprove the cost. Lastly, an innovative idea for my health system that I couldimplement to meet improvement goals for access would be to create more healthcare programs for impoverished areas for the vulnerable population.             The most innovative idea would be costrelated to health systems because it ensures patients will be receivingaffordable health care. Cost is a critical idea to ensure the health systemachieves its goals because if patients were unable to affordable a health caresystem they would not receive the treatment they deserve. Both quality andaccess are equally important but if patients are unable to afford health care,the quality and access of it would not matter as much. Once the cost is takencare of and health systems have decreased and made it more consistent forpatients to afford, the health systems can focus on the quality that thoseindividuals are receiving.

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            On the other hand, the mostdifficult innovation to achieve would be access for health systems. Accessinvolves bring together multiple parties and making sure everyone is agreeingwith each other and are on the same page. For example, in society today we havethe republican party and the democrats. Both parties have their own perceptionon increasing access for lower income individuals while the other party doesnot agree.

Access would be the most difficult to achieve because congress isseparated and having everyone agree on a topic is much harder than it appears.             These innovative ideas will helpimprove the health system performance by ensuring new implementations aroundcost, quality, and access. By reducing the cost associated with health systemsand making it more affordable and generalized, individuals will be able toreceive treatments that they once were not able to. Once, the cost barrier ispassed, as the assistant to the CEO we would be able to work on the access andquality of the health system. Ensuring that all individuals not matter incomewill be able to receive health care that is the proper quality and available toeveryone equally.

                Essay #2            As a newly hired director of humanresources, strategies that could be undertaken in the short term to address thelack of team work among the clinicians and service department problems would beto having more incentives that help the physicians and nurses to be morewilling to work. This would give them someone to works towards and reward themat the end. Another short team strategy could be to have biweekly meetings thatchecks up and updates the team on progress and new research that is happeningin their field. Along with this requiring the staff to have workshops and haveeveryone come together. Solving the issue of teamwork will show prospectiveemployees the strength in team skills and want employee to join them.             Approaches that could be taken inthe long term would be requiring different departments and professional cometogether and work on a research projects.

This would be a long term approachesas it would happen year round. Research project will allow each department toshowcase their profession and how it can be incorporated for this assignment.This would require staff member to meet outside of working hours to collectdata, discuss their findings, and examine their results. Health careprofessionals will be able to appreciate one another jobs and come together asa team throughout the experience. This will also help the recruitment processbecause it showcases professionals working together outside of the workinghours and demonstrates teambuilding.             The human resources department cansimply take care of the biweekly meeting between the staff, employees, andadministration. They will be able to gather all staff and ensure personnel arebeing met and managed. The HR department will be able to make sure all staffare coming together and cohesively working as a team.

As far as collaborationwith employee groups and HR directors would need to focus on the approach of bringeach department together and having topics that would be discussed each thesemeeting. Each department would need to have their own discussion point toinform the staff about because the HR department would not be able to createtalking points for all department without physically working them.             Three short term priorities would bebi-weekly meetings, incentives for staff, and workshops. Bi-weekly meeting willcontinue to be a long-term strategy to bring members of different departmenttogether and inform everyone what is happening in the work field outside oftheir own. Incentives for staff would be to award to those staff members forwork together outside of their day to complete certain research projects andwork related task.

This would continue to be a long-term approach to help bringstaff together from different departments and learn the roles of others jobs.Lastly, the workshops that would be hosted would be to focus on team buildingand to ensure others are aware of how well the work place collaborates. Asstated in the Kovner text, “subsequent interprofessionalpractice, can improve the ability of health care professionals to providehigh-quality patient-centered care” (Kovner,218). Thiswould help bring staff together, while having the patients in the bestinterest. Future employees would be more likely to join a staff who arecollaborating and come together as a group.

        Essay #3            The board of directors would want tomonitor values because they would be interesting in knowing if the money theyare putting into the medical center and projects is having a successful resultby being used in the correct ways. For example, if a medical center is fundinga program or procedure they would want the best outcome. If this program lackssuccessful outcome, why might the board still be will to fund such program whenthey can invest in another opportunity.            The following indicators recommendedto the CEO would be to monitor the success rate of the programs and outcomes todetermine the value of the health care center.

The CEO would want to know howeffective a program in the medical center is doing by assessing their qualityof procedures.             As senior manager, a method used togather data and evidence that would suggest increasing value for cost would be “to gather information on the best patient outcomes relativeto the amount of money one is able to pay to stay healthy or to recover from anillness” (Kovner 258).  This would help focus on increasing value byimprovement in the quality, outcome, and patient experience, along withachieving the same quality, outcome, and experience at a lower cost.

             In order to measure the success inthese value-for-cost efforts a survey would need to be conducted for thepatients to determined their success rate based on the amount of money theyspent on their procedure. This would need to be compared with the doctorsreturn rate to ensure that the patients are receiving the quality of care basedon what they paid for and have successful outcomes. When these surveys areevaluated the hospital could compare these with their goal to see if doctors arereceiving similar feedback on the procedures they performed on patients for thecost patients paid for. Essay #4           The topic of hospital closure comeswith a lot of challenges.

As CEO of a community hospital you want to make sureyour hospital prevents any harms to their patients. If a hospital were to takemeasures in preventing patient harms the most knowledge and highest authorityon a senior team should take lead of this effort. For example, the head staffor chef of staff would take lead.

Physicians, Practitioners, Nurses, and otherhospitals employees would also be involved in this issue. As states in theKovner text, “finding a way to hold all providers tostandard for the patient, while accounting the challenge being faced, is a goal” (Kovner 287). As CEO, the team would precisely be chargedto take more precaution and gain more knowledge about the issue to ensure everyone’swell-being.

The communicate which is delivered to all the front-line staffwould be the staff in charge of each department. In addition, human resourcedepartments can help gather hospital staff and deliver announcements and giveupdates to everyone. In order to track progress health care facilities wouldneed to have weekly self-reports for progress checks.

This would also include progressand regulation checks to ensure goals are reached and followed. Hospitals cancreate a document to track progress as well used to cross examine with whatsystems which were being used.  Externalresources that could be utilized for this would include sanitation protocol committeesto ensure quality improvement. Along with other community hospitals, this wouldallow hospital to gain insight from each other and better their own system. Ifhospitals focus around a short-term solution for any issue they will have abetter chance of create a future long term solutions which can benefit byhaving an increase in hospital budgets.


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