Learning have just got down to learning

Learning English as a second language, students should pay much attention to the relationship between environment and language as these factors are very important.

Students should learn not only the language itself, but pay much attention to the history of the country, its customs and values. This paper is aimed at Chinese students who have just got down to learning English as a second language. These students should know the pitfalls and the difficulties they are going to face. Those who have never learnt another language are not really aware of the situation they are going to face with. Another language is not just a collection of the symbols which should be arranged in an appropriate order, it is another culture which may be understood only when collaboration is observed. Only working together, only trying to understand the main idea of the American and British nature Chinese students will get the main idea of the language, will be able to learn it. Communication and cooperation with native speakers is exactly what is meant. Students should understand that they have great opportunity to cooperate with native speakers either in the centers or in other particular places, such as social networks, etc.

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Therefore, it may be concluded that cooperation and the opportunity to speak with the native speakers are really important factors for becoming a good learner. This essay is created for those who have just begun to study English as a second language as they are to know the peculiarities of the learning process and the difficulties they are to overcome in the future to succeed.

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