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ERP company in IndiaOver the years, enterprises have beautifully embraced ERP software technology in their core business model, improving the efficiency of operations and removing the bottlenecks. This not only resulted in vast and swift changes in businesses but also accelerated their growth is a short span of time. ERP companies are too having great scopes to expand their software development services and build customised industry-specific solutions to deliver maximum benefits to the clients. In a lot of ways, the year 2018 will bring new opportunities in ERP development, taking software for enterprise resource planning to whole new level. Envertis, a pioneered Odoo ERP company in India, which is also the official partner of Odoo, points out here some of the most predictive trends in the ERP software area in the coming year.Predominance of Cloud ERP The trend for cloud-based ERP will gain momentum in the next year and will be reaching the tip. All the major ERP software vendors are increasing cloud offerings by manifold anticipating such a change and we were one of them. Some of the flagship solutions of cloud ERP that are making the rounds already are Oracle Cloud, Infor Cloud, SAP S4HANA. Gaining prominence of Big dataBig data empowers businesses to handle large dataset and analyse them with great accuracy for informed decision-making. This assuredly helps the businesses to discover and remain informed about the customer trends or their purchase patterns. Earlier, businesses relied on sales and financial departments for analysis statements or reports. With the inception of Big data, they are themselves capable of finding out the discrete changes and market opportunities awaiting to be explored. Increased shift from legacy ERP systems to modern custom ERPThe legacy ERP software of companies is likely to fade away in the coming years. No ERP vendors will be supporting services of upgradation or inclusion of new functionalities for the existing legacy software of the companies. Hence, they will have no option but to migrate to the new advanced ERP solutions. IoTInternet of things (IoT) is sure to rule over ERP space in the coming years. More of the appliances and devices are now embedded with software, network connectivity and sensors for data transmissions. When devices are synchronised with each other and interact with a cloud network, businesses can access all vital information about any process anytime and improve their decision-making. ERP along with IoT will definitely a plus for manufacturers as it will help in supply chain optimisation besides improving product developments.Without a doubt, the coming year will bring a lot of transition in the space of ERP technology. While these are some of the most predicted trends to arrive in 2018, it is worth seeing how businesses are going to respond to these revolutionary changes for their betterment. 


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