Environmental headaches, allergic reactions as well as cardiovascular

Environmental problems have been long, a part of Asia and around the world.

Mankind has been struggling with environmental issues since a long time, and has been successful in some. In many Asian cities, a generation of children is growing up that infrequently sees blue skies. Air pollution enters their lungs and stings their eyes — but they must keep breathing it in. It is one of the most malicious threats to health precisely because it is so prevalent.

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Death toll from pollution is really high as around 6.5 million people from air pollution related diseases. In Asian countries, rapid economic and population growth has created serious socio-economic consequences of environmental pollution caused by urbanization, excessive fishing, rising global temperature and limited drinking water resources. Asian countries have also been fighting pollution of many types because most of these countries are low-middle income countries. These problems bring with them, various health conditions and diseases. Recent studies done by the World Health Organization in 2016 found that approximately 98% of cities in middle to low-income countries have air quality that doesn’t meet the recognized WHO standards. Air pollution causes serious health hazards such as nausea, headaches, allergic reactions as well as cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. Burning fossil fuels such as oil and gas, by different vehicles and industries is the biggest contributor of Carbon dioxide emission.

The result is the warming of our planet and the possible change of Earth’s climate, which could inflict destruction for the growing seasons, the amount of rainfall needed for crops, the rising level of the oceans, with the endangerment of many coastal cities throughout the world, and other problems. To solve these various issues and problems, we need to consider long term solution rather than short term solutions. Programs and measures undertaken in lieu of environmental protection must also be finically viable and sound so that it gives a net benefit. If we do not address these issues and develop ways to solve them, it will affect our future generations. The first step towards saving our environment is that we need to be aware of the problems and be more educated about them. The air and ocean are the property that we all share, so we as citizens must keep our oceans and the air clean. The countries suffering should agree to cooperate on goals to remove these problems.

Private sector companies should also be encouraged to curb problems caused by environmental crisis. Efforts at stages including prevention, control and reduction environmental degradation must be countered by collaboration by private sector. Private sector is responsible for creating pollution and their CSR activities are also a key factor in fighting environmental crisis. In order to fight this battle against environment we need to dedicate ourselves towards goal such as decreasing Carbondioxide and other gases responsible for global warming, planting trees, converting to sustainable energy and promoting environmental CSR campaigns. In addition to agreeing on these goals, these nations must negotiate on how they want to accomplish these goals. The governments of these countries need to be involved in it.


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