Environmental of environmental problems because of demand for

Environmental problems and solutions .

There is no precise evidence to refute that fact that environmental problems become a very taxing problem all over the world and also environmental problems are increasing dramatically. It has been my belief that human beings eventually lead to a ton of environmental issues.On the one hand, It is undoubtedly true that there are key factors affecting environmental problems. Because of the rising factories , industrialized areas and the increasing of population etc, as follows Air pollution is one of the most issue in our modern world . there are a lot causes of air pollution, for instance Car exhaust is the key reason for Environment’s contamination. In addition, Biodiversity is missing year by year . Deforestation can become a major source of environmental problems because of demand for land is rising enormously . That’s why the destruction of many forests increasing sharply.

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Besides that water contamination can lead to a lot diseases. There are a wide range of factor, which lead to water pollution, for example Petroleum Pollution is Especially the oil spills to water from the ship , Sewage pollution and industrial emissions.Also water pollution led to lose wild and domestic animals and many of they are endangered . Apart from this the burning of fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases and it is lead to the ozone layer depletion. Furthermore , environmental issues is in no doubt that the root cause of health problems such as many young people die in some countries , because of polluted water and food.

Moreover , All factors have a strong effect on marine life and species life. They also under endangered . Finally, Soil erosion is a foremost factor to environmental problems and Additionally Radioactive contamination are a essential cause of environmental issues.On the other hand, Environmental problems may be necessary for humanity to consider other approaches to this issue. Simply saying there several solutions. Frist of all, People need to teach their children to love the environment . it may be a bit help to the environment.

Furthermore TV programs should show about environmental issues. And also governments should be banned forests for tourists and local pupils, because they may be kill endangered animals. In addition , Not only government responsible for environmental issues and People also think about the consequences of dropping rubbish. Government must put a limits to factories. Also Government use from non-polluting power , as follows solar , wind and water power.

Also Government should increase private Car’s tax ,After this People may be use public transportation. I think it is very useful for Environment and also Government need to control fossil fuel emissions and other sources of greenhouse gases.In conclusion, I think, therefore, the government need to raise the awareness regarding Environmental problems in the general public. I feel strongly that Environment is being harmed by human activity and Also it is a common phenomenon and indisputable fact that Our Planet began to dry. Hence the environment is getting worse year by year.


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