Environment We still need to adapt environment

And Human Health,Human Rights


is the surroundings in which we live. It directs our life and defined the
proper growth or development of human beings . And the social life depends on
the quality of our natural environment . All the basic things that is required
for human beings like food , water and shelter etc. are getting from natural
environment . We are the one who played a big role in degenerating the natural
environment which is also affect our life style . All the human activities in
this world directly impact the whole ecosystem . for our individual benefit we
degrade our environment himself . Due to this some environmental problem
happened . And this is the time for modern technologies which also impacts the
environment . Nowadays modern technologies have a immense power which impact
the nature. And continuous use of technologies and the human behaviour also
impact the nature . Modern technologies also degrade our natural resources due
to this some of the environmental problems growth rapidly which is quite
dangerous for us . Deteriorating natural resources , wetlands and diminishing
forest are the huge problems for human life because these resources and forest
provide us food and shelter , if these are diminish then human life is in
danger . We still need to adapt environment where human society is first and
foremost an animal . It is our responsibility to save our environment and make
the possibility of healthy life then we all need a healthy and natural
environment and the main reason behind the degradation of forest are the
continuously increasing human population because human beings are cutting
forest to a large extent for making their home to live securely . However they
don’t know what kind of problem arises due to the lack of forest . It disturb
the ecosystem and natural cycle . We can not imagine the affects of global
warming and live of human beings . Increasing level of industrialization has
harmful affects on the environment . The negatively environment is not only the
issue for countries , It is the issue for our humanity because we all are
responsible for this kind of environment condition and know we are also saved
our natural environment for healthy survival life on the earth . Environment is
the surrounding which protect us from the natural disasters .Human have their
great interaction with environment due to this it also affect the quality of

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Maintaining a healthy environment for
increasing quality of life. If the environment not healthy then our life
suffered lot of problems or diseases which 
is very harmful for our life. And if the environment not good it
directly affect those people whose health status is already at risk . If the
air quality not good also affect the health status . for making or keeping
environment healthy the main component is ground water because all over the
world , people mostly use ground water for drinking as well as cooking purposes
. If the ground water is good then our environment as well as our life also
going in a good direction . Toxic substances and hazardous wastes also effects
our health by some method if we decrease these kind of substances or remove
from our environment then some we reduce the diseases because toxic substances
are harmful for human as well as environment . So, We have to removed from our
environment to make the environment healthy . Most of the diseases or harmful
substances came from water. And we use water for drinking , cooking and mainly
in houses for further works. So if our water is polluted then it spread lot of
hazardous diseases which is very harmful for our health .so if our water is
cleaned that is free from all diseases producing substances then we easily live
a healthy life. An poor environment causes a number of health problems due to
climate change or ecological change which effect the human health as well as
the natural cycle which is between the human and environment .here ecological
and climate change means the certain change in the environment which affect the
human life . and milk and food that we prefer for our surviving is also affect,
if we not boiled the milk , some particles which is present in milk producing
lot of diseases which is very harmful for our life .and making food firstly
clean the vegetables with the help of fresh water or if we boiled it also good
for our health and also wash the fruits while taking it . and also avoid junk
food because junk food not digest properly which is directly affect our
digestive system . the garbage system is also be the part of environment
because if the garbage was not in there proper place its spread a lot of
diseases which is very harmful for our life and environment . to prevent from
insects and further diseases we have to keep a garbage in their right place
where there is no chance of diseases or no chances of making the environment
polluted. Proper drainage system is also the part of healthy environment if our
drainage system is good  then we easily
prevent from diseases and refuses the collection of storage and disposal because
its also lead to the diseases which is very harmful for us .if we clean our
house or surroundings daily then we prevent diseases and no accumulation of
garbage nearby our home by doing this step which also lead to the healthy
environment .









Environmental protection is influenced
by three interwoven factors environment legislation , ethics and education .
Each of these factors plays its parts in influencing national level
environmental decisions and personal level values . for environmental protection
to became a reality it is important for societies to develop each of these
areas . The environment protection act in 1986 is an act which is related to
the Bhopal tragedy . the government of India enacted the environment protection
act of 1986 under article 253 of the constitution . This act passed in march
1986 , it came into force on 19 nov.1986 . the purpose of the act is to
implement the decisions of the united nation conference on the human
environment they relate to the protection and improvement of the human
environment and the prevention of hazards to human beings , plants and property
, the act is an legislation designed to provide a framework for central
government coordination of the activities of various central and state
authorities established under previous law such as water act and the air act
.This act is basically based on the act to provide for protection and
improvement of environment prevention of hazard to human beings , other living
creatures plants and property . For preventions and control of environment
pollution . laying standards for quality of environment . Restrictions of areas
for location of industries . Safeguards for handling hazardous substances .
research relating to environmental pollution.



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