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Enhanced Weapons, a better army, and maybe even cures for medicines is some of the reasons why we should look very deep into Aliens and their ways. If we figure out their ways our whole world will change and we will have no worries for the rest of our life. Aliens might be the key of our wonderful future. Many people claim to be abducted. The people that have been abducted share their stories to Ufologists. The people then see a hypnotist who then finds out if they are telling the truth. Most of these stories are very real and are proof that Alien life exists. Most of the stories are said to be fake because there is no real evidence to back it up besides there brain might not always tell the truth even if they are hypnotized, but there is still some proof that aliens exists. Betty hill was abducted by aliens and her story was very true. She claimed that the aliens showed her a star map and asked her to find earth , but it wasn’t there she then realized that it was completely different place. The aliens dropped her off and left. When she was hypnotized she explained the star map to a astronaut who then recognized the map and the place was many light years away. At the beginning of the abduction they saw some strange light and then the light went away. The Hills were mysteriously warped back in time because they realized it took them 7 hours to drive 190 miles which could easily be driven in around 4 hours. That is when they started getting the weird visions. The Hills thought they were hallucinating, but when they reported it to the Air Force, Major Paul W. Henderson told the Hills, “The UFO was also confirmed by our radar.” This is said to be the only true UFO sighting that has actual proof.  Some people mistake comets or shooting stars for UFOs because of the bright color (people that have seen real UFOs say that they are very bright and fast) and the very fast speed. They report these sightings just to find out that they mistakened some rock for a UFO. Many people still believed that what they saw was true but then Project Blue Book (kind of like Men in Black) explained away sightings by saying objects were not UFOs but rather stars, or Venus, or even hysteria on the part of witness but that still didn’t stop the number of sightings. Many people had a lingering feeling that the government knew much more than it wanted to say. The government told everybody that they reopened Project Blue Book from 2007 to 2012 this caused much more suspicion.                                                            One famous example is a painting by an early Renaissance painter named Domenico Ghirlandajo. In the painting, showing Mary and the infant Jesus, there is a strange, dark, saucer-shaped object in the sky beyond Mary’s left shoulder.  The object is clearly very interesting to a man and his dog nearby. Another painting- this one a 1350 fresco depicting the Crucifixion-shows a UFO in much more detail than Domenico. The painting, which hangs in a monastery in Kosovo, Serbia, shows a man piloting a flying vehicle-Which is speeding away from the Crucifixion scene. The image, which no one has been able to explain, has caused a great deal of speculation about the presence of aliens and spaceships in biblical times. When ever the UFOs crash they never leave anything behind this causes people to think that they don’t exist and they might be right. So far there have been no physical proof that UFOS exist. All of the UFO sighting videos on youtube are fake. They are either photoshopped or the UFO was mistaken for something else. If we had physical evidence we would not be wondering whether UFOs are real or fake. Instead we would try to locate them and try to use the evidence to our advantage. If there is no evidence then how will we ever know if they exist or not?Crop circles are where UFOs land in a middle of a crop field. When people call the investigators there is a big shape (the shape of UFO) which is the proof that there was a UFO. The Delphos Ring. On a little farm town of Delphos, Kansas, on November 1971. At about 7pm young Ronnie Johnson was outside with his dog when he saw a brightly colored UFO hovering low over a field-only a few feet above the ground. He noticed the the sheep were agitated, bleating and moving as when a predator is nearby.The boy later told investigators later that he experienced blurry vision for several minutes after the sighting perhaps, he suggested, because of the brightness of it., After the symptoms improved he ran into the house and told his parents. They came outside in time to see the UFO rising and speeding away. His mother Emma described it as having the shape of “a giant washtub.” After the UFO disappeared, the family was surprised to see a strange glowing circle directly under where Ronnie said he saw it. Some of the crops nearby has the substance on them which felt strange, like a slick crust. I was like the soil has crystallized. All of their fingers become numb when they touched it.U.F.O.s have been repeatedly investigated over the years including by the military.In 1947, they began a some studies which investigated about 12000 cases which have claimed to be sightings before in ended in 1969. The project which was named Project Blue Book in 1952 ended most of those sightings that involved stars, comets, planes, jets although 701 remained unexplained.   Think about the future of our world if we had proof of aliens? We could try to use there technology to enhance our weapons and army. Our whole world would be protected and we wouldn’t have any worries. Maybe we could use the aliens help and find cures for stuff like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.


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