SituationsThe quickly in unanticipated situations. Assertiveness is

SituationsThe increase of pressure on the managers and their staff is very much evident in the present scenario. Coping with the pressure should start with oneself. Therefore each one has to develop special skills to deal with the pressure situations.Assertion is a key skill for dealing with the difficult events that help in facing daunting challenges like the following:1. Tedious and nasty jobs could be assigned.

2. Someone else takes the credit for all the work done by an associate, which is very prevalent in the present scenario.3. Being assertive at home and performing dismally at work.4. Being pulled by the work/home balance and not being in a position to get an even kneel.Assertiveness is most appropriate for dealing with the people in threatening situations.

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An assertive behavior has two elements. Verbal behavior with the choice of words and phrases and the second one is the non-verbal assertiveness with the choice of gestures and facial expressions.It is a developmental programme which helps people of all ages to be more confident and able to say the right thing the right way, with an enhanced possibility of achieving the right outcome.The first major reason for learning assertiveness is because assertive people get more than what they want which is a worthwhile goal, it may not be possible to be 100 percent successful to get what one wants. the second reason being the managers feel good about themselves and also they would act really quickly in unanticipated situations.Assertiveness is apparently simple if looked in a generic viewpoint and action oriented.

Its easy to be assertive as elders if one has learnt the skill while young.In difficult work situations , invariably managers react by being aggressive. They say too much too loudly and often over react only to regret it later. At the other extreme they become passive, silent hold back saying and doing nothing, later feeling bad about the inadequate performance and become unhappy. In both the cases it will be adding to the their already performed inadequate image of themselves.

It is important for the managers to be assertive not only to get more of what they want but also feel better about themselves and their behavior.The benefits of being assertive for the self and the organisation1. The manager can manage his stress levels effectively.

A realistic limit can be set and also manage his time well.2. The manager will feel confident and be incharge of his life. He can consider his needs and make choices that work for him and the others.3. The assertive individuals work in team effectively and can achieve their aimsand goals well together.

4. The staff will feel that their contributions are being welcomed and they become more confident.Assertiveness does not come naturally or easily to everyone. The skill can be developed without getting into depth. Also too quickly learning to be assertive is like learning to drive a car. Akin to putting an L plate on the car. The manager can give himself some time and space by practicing being assertive until he is comfortable, competent and confident.A key point to be noted is not whether the person is superior or subordinate to the other in the hierarchy, but whether one acts in a superior or inferior manner towards the other.

The assertive style does not adopt the superior, the inferior, not the hopeless stance, but assumes that the two people are equal as people.Being assertive is essential and advantageous. In fact it brings in many benefits to the individual as well as the organization. The opportunities to use the assertion are to be recognised and the techniques well understood. But it takes time and effort.

So all the more it is essential to make a start. Holding back everytime, regretting , blowing up and feeling guilty are potential assertive situations. Negative outcomes can be changed only by changing the behavior. So one has to go in small ways and then in bigger ways thus moving towards the optimum pressure.


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