English, comes with an inclusive preparation and support

English, a global language that opens countless opportunities regardless of one’s origin and place of residence, plays an important part in communicating with the world. Most of the countries have embraced English as a second language and is being used across a plethora of fields, from business & marketing to travel & leisure. It’s enthralling to note that almost 1.2 billion people on earth speak English or at least up to a level of it.It’s undoubtable that parents want the best for their children and wants to provide the best possible foundation for a bright future. It is this extensive use of the language that defined English as one of the most influential languages in the world and as such parents prefer their children learning English as a second language. Introduction of the English language to a child at an early age is one of the best foundations as they tend to grasp and imitate the vocabulary progressively. They voluntarily speak and practice the language, having no sense of getting ridiculed which makes them not feel coyed. Thus, by imitating sounds and grasping and increasing vocabulary every day they are able to learn the second language at a rapid rate.English is a significant factor to non-English speaking children when it comes to education. Consider a situation where a teacher doesn’t understand or speak the student’s mother tongue and vice versa. If they both don’t have a common language platform to communicate, the entire learning process breaks down. This shows how much of importance English holds in today’s life.We, PICT know for the fact that English holds a prime position in this ubiquitous period so we lay heavy emphasis on the language and want to engrain roots of it in our learners so that they can use it for their coming future. AT PICT, we follow CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT, a unique approach to teaching, learning and assessing English. It benefits our learners by offering comprehensive preparation, support materials and resources for learning and teaching English which is based on years of research and in-depth understanding of how people learn languages. Cambridge English exams are designed to assess how learners use English to communicate in real-life situations. Cambridge English is a unique approach to teaching, learning and evaluating English. It is a driven by a world-class research team and is a combination of the experience and expertise of Cambridge English Language Assessment and Cambridge University Press. The exams of  Cambridge English Assessment open doors to higher education and increase the field for future study and work. The exam comes with an inclusive preparation and support materials for learners and educators.Our educators prepare the learners for these exams to help them with communication skills which they can use for everyday life, work and study. Our teaching staff conducts thorough, rigorous work to understand how children learn vocabulary, gets to grip with grammar and gain confidence in speaking and writing a language. Using this expertise, we have created a range of free resources full of tips and advice to help support our learners as they absorb every essence of English. We have also adopted the method of learning by “doing” in which our educators apply personalized instructions to meet learners unique and specific language needs. This act helps learners exchange of concepts making it clearer and inculcates speech and debate skills. We also stand by the concept of group studies as they promote peer learning as they are helpful for gaining fresh perspectives in group discussions on any topic.Any learner who is fluent in English has wider career opportunities in future. They get the autocracy and sovereignty to travel the world which improves their self-esteem and are enriched with all kind of personal experiences with different cultures from various countries and this is what we, PICT aim towards.


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