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English Essay for January the 29th,2.iA: Opinion Essay      Essay on Hispanics in the US      From the “New World” to the “Land ofOpportunities”, the United States has always been in the sights of thoseindividuals looking for a better life, thus, being, since the very beginning, amulticultural country. However, it is irrefutable that the Hispanic culture hasbeen in a hot spot lately, mainly because of the influence they are having inthe States, but hey, for some reason they say “en la diferenciaestá la riqueza”,right?                                                                                                                                                               Contrary topopular belief, Latino immigration is not something that started recently.Latino people have lived in the southern United States, once part of Mexico,for many years. When the United States conquered these territories (Texas,California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico) during theMexican-American war1,it not only acquired more land but also acquired more people and new cultureswithout realizing it.                                 Most of the people who currently live in the UnitedStates live there thanks to their ancestors who immigrated to this countryduring some period of their life. Although not all Americans are consideredimmigrants, their past generations were once immigrants and could succeed inassimilating to the culture that existed in the past.

Although it has notalways been a result achieved quickly, most have managed to live together inpeace with all the different cultures, races, and ethnicities alien to the cultures,races, and ethnicities of the host country.  It is peculiar how, even though, the Hispanicpopulation is now the largest ethnic minority2 in the “Land of Liberty”,they have it hard establishing a respected position on it, where they don’t aretreated as a whole.            A general problematic, in which Iunderstand the Americans and why they concern about it, is that as the recentHispanic immigration are, in somewhat, alike and concentrated in one area; mostof this Hispanics don’t have the need to learn English, adapt to Americanculture nor interact with actual Americans. Something that is already happeningin cities like Miami and L.A, where there are so many Hispanics that they, the Americans,feel like a minority “Like Anglos feel when they go to Dade County, Florida,and hear nothing but Spanish. Doesn’t anyone speak English here? Hey, this isAmerica, y´now.”.

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Although the anti-immigrant policy has had andcontinues to have a great impact on the lives of Latino immigrants, politics isnot the only problem that Latinos face. Unfortunately, many of the Latino immigrants have beenvictims of racism, hate crimes, and have suffered the violation of their basichuman rights through laws and reforms in opposition to immigration. Latinosliving in the United States today not only face the violence of physical hatredbut also suffer from violence and psychological hatred.                                                            “Thecategory Hispanic is a gringo construct first used by the US Census Bureau in1980 and the only one based on language and culture instead of race”. Which is a very general category,as Hispanics are very different between them, not only culturally, but onappearances, use of language (many Homonyms), political views and socialstatus.  Even anAmerican person with Hispanic ancestors that gave him/her an Hispanic look,receives racist comments, like “go back to Mexico”, even though there are manyother Hispanic countries, this is something that frustrates most Hispanics, notonly because it is a hate comment, but also because it is culturally offensiveas they are a large ethnic group that is not only Mexicans and Spanish people.I mean, the native Americans don’t say “Go back to Europe” to the white people.

Besides many Hispanics especially south Americans,  have African and/or  European blood due to the conquests, meaning,very few are pureindigenous people. Subsequently, it doesn’t help when their own leader,the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is possibly a xenophobicjudging on comments like “Why are we having allthese people from s***hole countries come here?”3 obviously referring toimmigrants, were, consequently, the UNspokesman, Rupert Colville, addressed the comment with “This isn’t just a story about vulgar language, it’sabout opening the door to humanity’s worst side, about validating andencouraging racism and xenophobia.”,which I strongly agree on. I do understand that illegal immigration needs to stopor at least be more controlled, but that doesn’t give them the right todenigrate them by describing them as aliens and “bronze as pennies” referringto their color and value to them (pennies are worthless).

I do understand thatmany of them came illegally and therefore should have the consequences of doingsomething illegal, but the way of acting may not be the best one.  Nevertheless, I firmly believe that because of thefact that the United States was able to make African American racism almost athing of the past can also place in the past the racism and violence againstLatinos that it is ignored and/or overlooked today.   Some Americans still see immigration as a threat and alose-win game in which they can only “win” a culture as many have thepopular opinion that   “ethnic diversitycauses disunity not strength”, however, I think it’s possible that thetwo cultures, the alien culture – Latino – and the host culture – American,”win” and that they live together in harmony as all immigrantcultures in the United States have done in the past. Besides, I believe that the idiom “two brains are betterthan one” can be applied on “two cultures are better than one”, as in that waypeople are a more international and realistic idea due to the multiculturalism.Nevertheless, it seems that they don’t realize that the United States isactually the most dominating and cultural influencing country in this modernera. I mean, its 2018 many would argue that in this century it is not evennecessary immigrants to have cultural influence, social/mass media does it onits own.  Even if people discriminate against Latinos, Latinoswill continue to have these, either negative or positive, impacts and it isonly a matter of time until most of the American people realize the positiveimpacts that Latinos have in the United States.Latinos have helped the United States economicallybecause they have been willing to take on jobs that other people do not want todo, additionally, some Latinos do not mind being paid less, which is why someAmerican companies benefit or take advantage from it.

However, it is true thatmany drug-related gangs are run by Latinos, especially Mexicans that sneak indrugs from the border, still we can’t place all the Latinos in the same category.Many of the Hispanics are there for better opportunities for themselves andtheir kids, as many Latino countries are in difficult situations that make ithard to have a decent life. Of course, that doesn’t make them any more specialthan the Americans and therefore should follow the rules and adapt to USA’Sculture and language, but still, embracing their own roots, after all, whatwould be the life of this young generation without “despacito”4?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         In conclusion, although the Latinos still haveproblems of racism, hate crimes, and laws that discriminate against them, it ispossible that soon Latin Americans and Americans will live together in harmony.For this to be possible, we must first eradicate racism, stereotypes andviolence towards innocent Hispanic people. Second, we must look at the positiveimpacts that Latinos have in the United States instead of seeing Latinos asonly a threat. For example, although some see Latinos as a threat because theyare occupying jobs, the truth is that Latinos are creating a positive impactbecause Latinos are doing jobs that nobody wants and for little money.  Hopefully soon American society will see howmuch they have in common with Latinos and what they do not have in common isnot necessarily bad or a threat, but something that helps diversify the UnitedStates.

When this happens, the Latinos and Americans can be united and will livetogether in harmony as all the cultures of the past that immigrated to theUnited States have done. With this said, “We become not a melting pot but abeautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings,different hopes, different dreams5but in one united country.                                                                                    The 20thcentury was known for the African American rights movements, while the 21stcentury will be known as the century where the Hispanics made positive changes6.                                                                                                                                                                                    


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