English is really important because English is

English is really important because English is international language. I have been learning English since elementary school. I learnt English from english class in school and english course. I like English. I think it sounds cool when we talk using English language.

When I was in 11th grade of senior high school my parents decided to sent me away to Kampung Inggris in Pare, Kediri. I went by myself to Surabaya and go to Pare with my cousins. I was there for 1 month.

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I learnt so many things about English and I got many new friends from various area in Indonesia. The learning system in Kampung Inggris is different with ordinary school. It is devided into 4 sessions. First session started at 5 am or 5.30 am. In this session we learnt about vocabulary.

It is not just ordinary vocabulary but we learnt about Indonesian unique phrases that is translated into English. For example kepo in English is busy body . Second session started at 9 am.

In this session we learnt about pronounciation and phonetic symbol. Third session started at 1 pm. In this session we learnt about conversation or speaking, we usually stand up one by one to tell about our moment or journey and describe about something also we made a group then talked with the member about the topic that was given. Fourth session or last session started at 6 pm. In this session we learnt about vocabulary again but this is different with the first session because in this session we often divided into group meanwhile first session is more like individually. Not just learnt about vocabulary, but in this session we learnt about public speaking too.

Every day one until three students stand up in front of the class to tell about the topic that was given a day before.It was fun to learn English in Kampung Inggris, because I can learn English more detail and specific in a fun way and I got many friends that come from another city in Indonesia such as Makassar, Sidoarjo, Palu, Surabaya, Semarang, Bali, etc. I got many friends from different ages and jobs too. There were a junior high school boy, senior high school students, collegers, office workers, lecturer and entrepreneur. There was one man that made me impressed because he still want to learn English even though his age is not young and around 50-60 years. It made me more motivated to learn English.

Expectation in English Class and My Goal in English SkillI have learnt English in Kampung Inggris but I think that my English skill is still average. Because I love to learn English and I want to learn more, I hope this English class can help me to work up my English skill. I expect this English class can be enjoyable where the students and lecturer have a positive relationship or mutually benefit with each other. And I expect this English class can be my another memorable moment in learning English. I think that tenses is the hardest English material.

It’s hard for me to remember formulas of 16 tenses. I really hope that I can master this material to make me easier when I do essay assignment in English and actually I prefer writing than speaking. But, I still want to improve my speaking skill because now I’m in Communication Science major that will be more actively in speaking.


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