To some people propose that instead of drilling

To Drill or Not to Drill?

The current crisis in energy supply has raised a number of concerns in the United States of America. Different people have come up with opposing views over the best method through which the problem of energy shortages can be handled best in the country. Some people propose that the United States should search for oil in areas that oil has not yet been exploited.

For instance at Gulf Coast, Alaska and other places which has not yet been exploited in the country. On the other hand, some people propose that instead of drilling oils in other places, the United States should shift to other alternative sources of energy. These include wind, solar energy among others. However, this is opposed on the ground that adoption of a new source of energy will be expensive to the country. Through critical observation of both arguments, the one on the need for the country to reduce its overdependence is the best alternative. The country should rather adopt other renewable sources of energy like wind and sun. Overdependence on the oil has reduced energy security in the country. It has also significantly affected the economy negatively.

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Despite the fact that shifting to these new sources of energy is expensive, it is less expensive when viewed at the long run perspective. Once the country adopts these alternative methods, it will significantly supplement the oil sources of power. This will significantly help in reducing energy shortages.

Explanation of Key Habits That Hinders My Thinking When Looking At the Opposing View and When Defending My Own

There are several habits that pose a major hindrance in my effort in looking at the opposing view and defending my own ideas. One of the habits is own biases. Biasedness is a major hindrance since it makes it difficult to come up with the best views. Biasedness tends to divert our thinking through the perception that our views are the best. It affects us while evaluating other people’s views.

This habit significantly affects our thinking while looking at the opposing view in relation to our own views. These habits can also be overcome through diversity thinking (Bacon 3). This ensures that the decision made is free from any kind of bias. Lack of adequate confidence is another habit which hinders critical thinking while analyzing opposing sides. Confidence is significant in critical thinking as it assures a person of his or her reasoning abilities (Paul 2).

This significantly affects individuals in decision making.

Things to Do To Overcome Those Habits That Are Hindering My Thinking

There are several ways through which the habits that hinder critical thinking while looking for the opposing sides can be overcome. One of the ways through which these habits can be overcome is by being flexible while viewing both sides. Flexibility is important as it help a person to accommodate, adapt, change or modify ideas and thoughts (Paul 3). These habits can also be overcome through reflective thinking. This is thoughtful observation and meditation of the subject at hand in order to have a deeper understanding of certain issues. In other words, there is need to make an effort to understand the opposing issues in order to come up with the best alternative.

Open-mindedness is also of great importance in overcoming these habits. According to Paul, one should be receptive to opposing views and ability to realize our own biases (par 7). By understanding our own biases, it will be easier to avoid such habits while making decisions. In conclusion, this debate has clearly shown that there is a need for the United States to adopt other forms of energy in order to improve security in energy supply. This will also help the country to improve on its balance of payments.

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